1st meeting  

MaleExploring 73M
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6/16/2019 4:32 pm
1st meeting

well I got meet someone from another site. that wasnt all talk...
came over an we got r pants off an what a trill being able gaze upon his cock without any obstructions...an condemning remarks...getting over my initial shock of being able admire his dick I immediately reach an started massage then the urge came experience it in my mouth which I I did ....what a delightful encounter for me as I was enjoying myself so much.... being he was getting semi erect did not bother me....as I was intensely showing all my attention the hed of the cock....when aburptly he says he has too go as he had forgot something that he had too do
just like that his pants r up an he is the door
what did I do wrong?

jonilovebig 72M
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6/16/2019 6:24 pm

you are right I belive he got cold feet and chickened out but don't let that get you down sooner or later you will meet someone and go all the way with him

nite_axn 34M  
61 posts
6/16/2019 7:52 pm

first meeting is always about excitement

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