Having a dirty mind.....  

MorLuvinNeeded 53F  
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10/7/2016 12:34 pm
Having a dirty mind.....

makes ordinary conversations more interesting.

Saw this little gem on another website, and couldn't help but agree. Some days I hear nothing but latent sexual innuendo in every conversation I hear. This is of course very unprofessional of me, so I end up biting my tongue a lot and hiding grins which might otherwise be inappropriate to the time and place.

I cannot honestly recall a time when I haven't heard the sexual undertones of conversations no matter how seemingly innocent they are. It's far worse in mixed company, when there is one or more desirable man present. No doubt because I confess to having a running commentary in my head about what sex with a potential man would be like, so you could say I was already primed.

I use to read erotica, started with my dad's Penthouse forums, Hustler, and Playboy when I was a kid, and with the advent of internet sites it blossomed. All through grad school I followed a few select authors. Then they either stopped writing or changed venues.

So I blame my adjective packed brain for seeing/hearing sexual content everywhere. That and my keen enjoyment of sex in the physical, written, or video format.

Yes, indeed, having a dirty mind makes all facets of life more interesting.

cumalluwant 53M  
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5/11/2018 8:20 am

Indeed it does...

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