Fuck fantasy  

Mud3040 48F   
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8/10/2017 7:51 pm
Fuck fantasy

I love to fantasize about different sexual encounters. My favorite one is being tied in a sex swing. My arms tied tightly in the air on the upper supports, my legs tied spread underneath me so my knees are bent and feet being pulled under me to each of my arm restraints. This causes my legs to get pulled tighter if I struggle at all with my arms or upper body. I have a mask over my eyes so I can't see at all. There are many male voices I hear in the room. All talking about how they are going to fuck this piece of meat. Some want to fuck all holes, some just my ass, pussy or mouth. I'm getting wetter and wetter hearing all this talk. Cant wait to feel a cock inside me. All of the sudden I feel a sharp whack on my belly extending to my tits. It was a belt. The pain was so intense for a moment but then I felt the warmth grow within my pussy. These guys didn't know that I loved pain and get off on it. Another whack and I let a whimper out.... wow that one hurt but hurt so good. It was on my inner thigh really close to my pussy. Suddenly i was struck with several belt blows. I screamed with the pain but then I came. My pussy squirted out a 3 foot stream. It was such an intense orgasm that I was breathless. Still breathing heavily my head was pulled back and a very long cock was thrust down my throat. I sucked greedily until it was shoved several inches down my throat and held there. As I gagged and struggled, another long thick cock was rammed in my pussy driving the one in my throat deeper. I was lost in the intense sensations, not being able to breathe, I passed out. When I woke up, the cock in my mouth was smaller and the one in my pussy was driving in and out so hard. I came almost immediately upon waking up. I couldn't believe the intensity of the orgasm and I just kept cumming and cumming. Squirt was running off this guy in streams and I could hear the sloshing sound in my pussy as he pounded away. Just when I thought the sensations couldn't get any better, a cock was placed at the opening of my ass. I could tell it was huge by the feeling of the tip on my tight hole. I was scared now. My ass usually needs lots of lube and slow working to get in. My ass was not lubed, except the pussy juices that had run down and I hadn't been fucked in the ass for several months. The guy in my pussy shoved inside me and held his position all teh way in when the guy in my ass shoved his whole girth inside me in one huge thrust. My anal muscles stretched to the limit as he split me open and started grunting and pumping deep. I never thought I'd feel two huge cocks inside me at once. I had dreamed of a real DP and now I was experiencing the mother of all DPs. The feeling of fullness was unbelievable. My pussy was pulsing constantly, cumming over and over. I was screaming so loud. Suddenly the large cock that had fucked my throat and choked me out earlier, thrust back in my throat to shut me up. He pounded in and out of my throat so I could only make noises as I struggled for air. Suddenly he held his cock in my throat deep and the other two guys started pumping extremely hard inside me. When I was just about ready to pass out, the guy in my throat backed out and I came so hard I thought I was going to squirt all of the guys out of me. The fucking continued like this for nearly an hour and eventually the guys all came inside me, leaving me full of cum and totally spent. That's where the fantasy ends and now my pussy is dripping wet from thinking of this again. I wish there was a way to make fantasies come true.....

bj145454 39M
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4/15/2018 5:28 am

That's a hot fantasy.

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