as the bow  

MulleenofMelb 53M
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6/29/2016 10:25 pm

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6/30/2016 5:04 am

as the bow

as the bow
Draw you back as the bow
arching your back at my touch
hands lightly bound in blue silk scarf
feet lightly tied in red silk scarf
eyes closed with yellow silk scarf
your scarves of silk put to new use
soft against your soft skin
as your supple curves I caress
fingers and palms of hand stroking
unable to see where next a touch may fall
on this erect taut nipple captured
between finger and thumb rubbed
kisses over belly soft
tongue sweeping in and out of bellybutton
the tiny mewling sounds as closer
to the molten core of you I touch
the scent of your nectar musk in air
trusting in the pleasure to come
a line of kisses cross body and skin
hands slipping beneath naked buttocks
lifting your core upward to
hungry brushing sucking lips of mine
and a tongue seeking to delve
lift this spurting honey rich out
blind and yet in sensual sensation free
as you soar and hands stroking calves
all along and down leg to ankle
then returning back up once more
feather touches sweeping and
short fingernails landscaping
lightly teasing and never ceasing
know you cannot escape or see
as by your voice I must be guided
calling on you to speak your pleasures truth
tell me where next I should visit
how I should delve or where to suck
when licks are bringing fire fierce
when you feel the sensation will never cease
seeing through sensations of body
where and when and how
as your fingers are sucked
soft skin of wrist pursued
asking for fingers to reach deep
to sweep and turn and revolve in molten core
as in kisses and actions I am bound as you
to each other to deliver this ecstasy
blind or seeing the truth remains
if vulnerable or strong the trust remain
this loving is spirit fortifying as it is game.

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

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VenusRising11 66F
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6/30/2016 3:05 am

Wow, what a thing to do to a woman before she goes to work. I will have these images in my head all day, my friend. Those silk scarves topped it off (smile).

Venus Rising

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Nourish my mind.

MulleenofMelb replies on 6/30/2016 5:06 am:
glad to hear they were taken as positive images! And to top it off a scarf, well scarves are normally worn on top...

sexybunny4love 52F  
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6/29/2016 10:32 pm

I am not shy to tell you that I am melting and soaking wet after all that. You do have a way with words and that's rare among good men.

Hope you find what you are seeking here. Have fun and remain sensual. x

~ Dare to be different ~ sexybunny4love

MulleenofMelb replies on 6/29/2016 10:36 pm:
sexybunny, many thanks for your beautiful response. Glad to hear you are not shy, and thoroughly enjoyed the words written. cheers

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