Where is the most fun?  

MzlovelynKris 42M/42F  
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3/30/2017 4:14 pm
Where is the most fun?

Sex is fun spontaneous and exciting. Not a drag.every confuses picky and perfection. Of course we have our likes and dislikes. And we all know we are here for fun.but why are people using the site like the dating game? It's a sexual site. We are here for fun and fantasy.people are upset and uptight for getting misused.should you put stock in this hoping for that true love? Just asking

Trapper69 62G  
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9/1/2018 2:16 am

I agree! So many men and women here are looking for true love, and condemn those of us who are only looking for sex. They bitch about photos showing naked bodies, especially photos showing cocks, pussies, and action shots. What the fuck do they expect to see on a website that was first started in 1995 so swingers, and those adults looking to share sex with others without strings. Before the internet, people like us used adult swinger magazines to find other people who shared our interests. Those magazines had the raw, sexual photos showing everything. Why didn't these people use those magazines to find true? Because you could only buy them in an ABS....and those people wouldn't be caught dead in an ABS.... they view those types of stores as disgusting, and they think only perverts go there, yet they come to an adult website that was set up to replace those magazines. These same people are usually quite bitter because they often fail in the relationship they find here, and they put the blame on others. Damn, they should have stupid written on their forehead. There are many websites that are set up for people looking for true love.....why don't they go there? Because they did, and they failed there because they're bitter controlling type people who think they're perfect, and know everything! Who the fuck wants to be with someone like that? I've been here since shortly after the website started, and I've had hundreds of women get pissed off at me because I want no commitments more than a FWB type relationship. They are so fucked up, they get mad at a total stranger who doesn't want to commit to them???? When one of these women contact me, I'll always tell them, "Sorry lady, the only thing I'll commit to is that I'll do my best to make sure you enjoy A LOT of orgasms, and you're very sexually satisfied when we're done!"

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