Lucky Friday the 13th, Part 1  

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2/28/2017 6:52 pm
Lucky Friday the 13th, Part 1

The ropes and cuffs have been there for a little over 2 weeks. Attached to each corner of my big bed. Master instructed me to attach them, take a pic and post it. Obediently, I did. I have never been fully restrained and it has been a huge hurdle for me. A wall that I wasn’t sure we could knock down. The next day when Master arrived for service, my brain was focused on the ropes and my tummy was full of knots. When would he use them? The day progressed and I began to relax…they remained silent.

Leave the ropes. They should never be untied. Following Master’s instructions, they remained knotted. A reminder every night when I sleep. My brain conflicted with the feeling of security having them around me but also a reminder of one my most difficult hurdles. I had pushed them under the bed so not so visible but I could see the white rope peeking out, almost taunting me. Was I up for this challenge? I never want to disappoint my Master. He is very good about pushing my boundaries at just the right time and with just the right amount of pressure. This situation was no exception.

Finally, our next session was approaching. Master had been away and I was impatient for His return. Master’s messages begin early with instructions demanding that I send Him a picture of His freshly shaved pussy. Of course, I obliged. Master was very pleased. He then instructed me to select a couple of my favorite toys and whip myself for Him. Video my self pleasure. Create a road map of marks for Him to follow the next morning. Carefully looking over my wide selection of toys that were already laid out for His use, I selected a long, hard cane, my favorite flogger and the small pussy slapper. Positioning my leg up on a foot stool, I ran the cane back and forth across my thigh. I picked up my cell, clicked on the video and snapped a hard hit. A huge gasp escaped me as the sting reverberated through my flesh. A few more and I was moaning and clicked off the video. Sent to Master.

Next I picked up the flogger and began hitting myself over each shoulder. The effect was not the same as when in His hands but enjoyable, nonetheless. Video sent. By now, His pussy was dripping. Picking up the small pussy slapper, I laid down on the bed. I positioned my cell in one hand and clicked it on as I rubbed the slapper across my wetness. One hard snap and I cried out. A succession of quick and harsh snaps and I completed my tasks. Nicely done. Publish the videos. Another boundary pushed. I published them as instructed.

Go to sleep. Master’s direction seemed impossible. My body felt tired and needed rest but my brain was swirling. My tummy full of flutters. I knew that morning could not get here fast enough. Settling in my bed with the covers pulled up around me and my pillow nest holding me safe, I drifted off to sleep. Mere minutes passed and my eyes flew open. My excitement for the next day was too great to allow much sleep. Off and on my brain allowed rest then snapped me to attention.

Finally in the wee morning hours I was fully awake. I laid there thinking of my impending service, the ropes around me, the toys laid out next to the bed. I began running my protocol through my head to make sure I had not forgotten anything. I felt ready. Time to get up and prepare for Master’s arrival.

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