A New Day, A New Beginning  

NippleDaddy 67M  
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9/5/2017 1:45 pm
A New Day, A New Beginning

After the wild suck and fuck scene between me and Rick last night that involved both my parent's, I knew that things would never return to the weird sense of normal that I had gotten used to. Mt father saw me being fucked by my best friend and then saw me fuck my best friend. My father got sucked off and his cock juice eaten by my best friend and my horny mother probably watched it all.

It was the Saturday morning after and Rick and I slept in to try and avoid the sex hangover after last night. As we started to wake out of the fog, we looked at each other and said at the same time, "DID WE?........" We were both laying naked on the bed and I looked and could see dried cock juice on my cock and crotch. Rick reached behind himself to feel slick cock juice slowly drooling out of his hole. We both still had that aftertaste of cock juice in our mouths. That's definitely a sex hangover. We both looked at the stack of magazines on the floor next to the bed, and especially the "REST STOP MEN" magazine that was laying open to the one guy in the stall being fucked and sucking another guy. We did that last night, both of us looking at each other and groaning.

Whatever this brave new world was that we had entered, we needed to face it and live it. We got up, hopped in the shower to cleanup, humped dick a bit and tweaked some nipple, but decided to save it for Saturday night and whatever that may bring. We both threw on a pair of tight surfing shorts that showed off our dicks nicely and headed out to face the world, namely my parents.

We walked into the kitchen, fully expecting some kind of confrontation or lecture about the evils of homosexuality, but was met by my father sitting in his usual place at the table, but wearing nothing but a tight, small, pair of bikini briefs that barely contained his big dick. He was thumbing through a magazine and as we walked in, he held it upright and we both gasped at the same time. There it was again....."REST STOP MEN". He just looked at us, grinned widely and said, "Good Morning Boys......Sleep well?" "Nice choice of bedtime reading material" We both turned bright red, but Rick tried to save the situation by saying that he took them from his father and we were just curious about them.

My father waved us off with a laugh and said, "Boys will be boys." He closed the magazine and pushed it to the middle of the kitchen table. A voice chimed in from behind us and we turned to see my mother leaning against the counter between the sink and the stove. "Good Morning young men.....late night?" She was wearing that barely there, white, transparent, thong bottom, and a lacy half shirt that barely covered her big tits. In fact her big, thick, stiff nipples were poking through the lace trying to get out. Rick elbowed me and I gave him a dirty look. My mother told us to have a seat and she would get us some sausage, eggs, and pancakes. She figured we needed a good breakfast after our "HARD" night, her emphasis.

We sat at the table and I poked Rick and gave him a concerned look. I had told him about my mother being an exhibitionist, but I think he was overwhelmed by the site of my mother's huge tits, her overly large stiff nipples, and the fact that he could clearly see my mothers wet cunt and clit through the wet front of her skimpy thong panties.

My father just sat there with a big grin on his face, obviously loving Rick's exposure to my mother's exhibitionist teasing. I think he may be enjoying it too much as I looked through the glass top kitchen table and could clearly see the front of my father's small bikini brief's and noticed his bulge had grown quite a bit and there was a wet spot where his foreskin covered cock head must be. I noticed that Rick's cock was hard, and I knew mine was. Can we get through this, please.

My mother started delivering our plates of breakfast to us, my father first, approaching him from behind and lowering his plate to the table as her massive tits and hard nipples rubbed against his head. He just smiled and said, "Thank you, dear." I knew now my father was getting off on my mother's exhibitionist teasing. Next came my plate, over my right shoulder, I could see her firm tit with the nipple rock hard and sticking out as she set down the plate. As she stood upright, her big tit slapped against my ear and the right side of my face. She said, "Excuse me, Sugar." I just shook my head and told her it was fine. Lastly she gave Rick his plate by standing almost in front of him, leaning over with her massive tits sticking out firm, their nipples swollen and poking through the lace top, begging to be milked or sucked. God......I hope he couldn't smell it like I could. My mother's hot cunt smell was becoming overpowering and I could see drops of cunt juice on the lips of her smooth cunt through the now soaking wet thong front.

I leaned over and whispered, "Let's eat quick and get out of here." So much for modesty........I guess this is the new normal......can hardly wait to see where this is going.

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