A Relaxing Day, Kind Of  

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9/5/2017 8:08 pm
A Relaxing Day, Kind Of

We survived breakfast and my parent's teasing and decided a nice relaxing day at the community pool would be nice. Plenty of skimpy dressed girls and guys to look at. Before we left, I told Rick he had to promise not to tell anyone about my parent's, especially my mother. It was the same kind of promise he made me swear when we started playing with each other, and again after I started to get involved with his family. I was beginning to think that our 2 families were in a race to be the kinkiest and horniest in town.

We arrived at the pool and saw that we weren't the only ones with the pool idea on a sunny, hot, day. Oh Well, more to look at. We both had on our tight surfing shorts that showed off our cocks nicely. After all, we wanted to be looked at as much as to look at others. We just happened to find 2 empty lounge chairs and spread our towels and laid down to enjoy the views.

As we lay there, one bikini clad girl after another came up to talk to Rick. All the girls loved him and wanted him. He had become the "Fonzi" of our school and all the girls wanted the bad boy. Rick loved the attention and I just watched, thinking if they only knew that he loved cock, sucking it, being fucked by it, and fucking ass. But, I'll always keep his secret because he was my best friend, and I hope he would keep my secret about my family.

I looked across the pool and saw 4 dark tanned people that I recognized. It was Rick's parents and 2 older brothers. The men were wearing very small, tight Speedos that were bulging in front with their big Latin cocks. His mother was wearing a very small white bikini with thong bottom that left nothing to the imagination about what was underneath. The white just made her dark Latin skin look hotter. There were 2 big bumps on the front of her top where her obviously big and hard nipples were pushing to get out. All 3 Latin men were muscular and smooth like Rick, but his father was really something to see with his huge muscles, ripped and hard. Both brothers just like Rick had girls in bikinis all around them, trying to gain their attention. Again, the thought went through my mind that if all those girls knew that Rick's family men loved cock, just like Rick. I leaned over and nudged Rick's attention from the big titted bikini clad girl long enough to point out his family to him on the other side of the pool. He looked, sneered and said they must be out trolling for new meat. He said their party was tonight and they were always looking for new attendees.

I looked over at his family and noticed that his father was gone. It immediately flashed through my head about his father's love for teasing men in rest rooms. I told Rick I needed to go the the restroom. He was busy talking to 2 girls who were busily shaking their bodies in front of him and I noticed his cock was showing off nicely for the girls, which I'm sure they noticed.

I took off around the pool heading to the men's locker room and restroom. Along the way, I was stopped by several girls who made nice as I caught them looking at my cock bulge and big nipples. It was nice to get the attention, but I was on a mission and the girls were noticing my cock bulge because I was semi hard thinking of Rick's Dad and his restroom antics. I noticed Darrel and Butch casually flexing and posing for the giggling bikini clad girls as they jumped up and down and their tits bounced like beach balls. Rick's mother was just laying in the sun in her lounge chair looking totally hot with her big nipple bumps and her tiny thong bottom riding up into her cunt lips leaving a wet line on her front. She had a constant stream of young men and older men walking by her starring at the hot view. I'm sure under her sun glasses, she knew exactly what she was doing,and that's why her cunt was getting wet and her nipples rock hard. Maybe she had a lot in common with my mother, only she got to tease out in public.

I stepped into the locker room/restroom and stopped just inside the door. I heard voices and it sounded like Rick's Dad was one of them. I walked into the restroom and looked over toward the stalls. Leaning against the wall was Rick's Dad being talked to by 2 young men who were built like muscular swimmers. They were both wearing Speedos that hugged their tight butts and I could see that both of their cocks were semi hard and straining to bust out the front of their suits. Rick's Dad's cock was also semi hard and his bulge was twice the size of the young men's. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but rick's Dad was smiling and laughing and occasionally flexing his big muscular chest and arms for the young men. They obviously liked what he was doing as one of them reached out and felt his huge bicep as he flexed it, and the other reached out and cupped his big pec muscle and flicked a finger across his swollen puffy nipple. I made my move to the urinal to take care of business and Rick's Dad looked and noticed me and nodded in my direction and went back to getting his attention. I stood at the urinal and pulled out my now rock hard cock and had to stand there and think of stupid things to get it to go down enough to take a piss. It was difficult because of the 3 horny men bantering with each other. After a few minutes it got quiet and I could concentrate and my cock went down enough to finish my business.

As I was finishing up and tucking my still semi- hard cock back into my shorts, I heard moaning coming from the area of the stalls. I knew there were no doors on the stalls for the very reason that the management didn't want any sexual activity going on. The voice in my head was screaming at me to go look, to see what Rick's Dad was up to. It was a big chance to take, but my cock was winning the battle as the moaning had caused it to go as hard as steel and throb. I slowly walked over to the stalls and stepped in front of the stall opening. There stood the 3 men with Rick's Dad in the center. All their Speedos were down around their feet. All 3 cocks were rock hard and twitching and Rick's Dad's cock was being sucked by one of the men while the other man was wildly sucking on one of Rick's Dad's big, puffy nipples. The 2 men were rapidly stroking each other's now drooling cocks. I without even thinking, pulled my cock out of my shorts and pushed my shorts down around my knees. started stroking my throbbing cock and alternating between my horny nipples, pinching them and pulling them as I pumped my cock. My subconscious moaning must have been heard by Rick's Dad and the men, because rick's Dad opened his eyes and looked right at me. I was so hot it took me a couple seconds to notice I'd been discovered. In that time, Rick's Dad smiled at me, stuck his tongue out and flicked it up and down like he was either licking my cock or flicking my stiff nipples. The 2 men glanced back at me and then continued with their horny nipple and cock sucking, wildly stroking each other's cocks.

I got my wits about me and pulled up my shorts and rapidly left the restroom, adjusting my hard cock as I walked. That image was burned into my brain and now Rick's Dad's image was replaced in my brain in all those images from "REST STOP MEN". I made it back to Rick and he didn't even miss me, being distracted by all the bikini clad tits and pussy vying for his attention. I'd have to tell Rick about what I saw later. For the rest of the day, all I could think about was getting the opportunity to touch Rick's Dad's body, suck his huge cock, and play with those big, puffy nipples. I was now obsessed..............

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