All Cranked Up For?  

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9/6/2017 1:53 pm
All Cranked Up For?

Our supposed to be relaxing day at the pool was anything but. As we walked back to my house, Rick and I were lost in thought about the experiences of the day. For Rick, it was just more of the constant attention and teasing that he endured being the "Latin Bad Boy" at our school, except the girls at the pool were a lot more aggressive with their teasing. They went so far as to flash their tits and cunts at him trying to get his attention. Being the ever cool and calm exterior that he played, Rick just laid on the lounge chair and smiled, his big Latin cock clearly showing through the tight surfing shorts he was wearing. He loved playing the part, but underneath it all, he loved cock as much as I did.

As for me, I got my share of girl teasing because I was the blonde beach boy type, but I was completely distracted by my experience early on in the day. My voyeur experience watching Rick's Dad's restroom trio was burned into my brain. The fact that I stood there watching and without thinking, dropped my surf shorts and started stroking my throbbing cock and playing with my horny nipples kind of shocked me. When I moaned and they all three turned and looked at me, my heart pounded and I felt light headed. Having Rick's Dad smile at me and then stick his tongue out and flicking it up and down was too much and I panicked and pulled up my shorts and left.

Now, walking home, my mind was awash with thoughts and feelings. I had come to terms with my mother being a voyeur and exhibitionist and then finding out my father had the same tendencies, but maybe I was a voyeur and exhibitionist too. The feelings I got watching Rick's Dad and those 2 men were so strong and then them seeing me was way out there. I've never had those kind of feelings before. My mind kept playing images from "REST STOP MEN" over and over in my head, inserting myself and Rick's Dad into the images. I was there, naked and horny, watching Rick's Dad suck and fuck with anonymous horny men.

We made it home and now had to see what our Saturday evening in my house held. We stepped in to the house and looked into the living room where my father was sitting on the couch with a fan blowing on him, watching something on TV. He was wearing just a tight and small white Speedo and his body was covered in a shiny sheen of sweat. His big dark nipple knobs were rock hard from the fan blowing on him and the tight swim suit did nothing to hide my father's large, fat cock. He heard the door close and looked over at us and waved, saying, "Hey boys, how was the hot day at the pool?" "Meet anyone new?" "It was nice.....lots to look at." we answered. He turned and and went back to watching TV, and we headed for the kitchen to get something cold to drink.

Walking into the kitchen we were presented with my mother's 2 firm, big ass cheeks and smooth cunt slit in her thong bottom as she bent over to get something out of a lower cupboard. We stopped dead in our tracks and I made a coughing sound to alert her that she wasn't alone. Somehow I already knew that she knew we were there. She didn't hurry with standing up and got whatever it was that had her in this position before standing upright and turning around to greet us. " Oh Sugar, you boys are home." "You must be worn out after your busy day at the pool." She stood there, acting completely normal, wearing a white, transparent , tiny thong, and a matching, transparent, too small bra. She might as well have been naked, because we could see everything my mother had to offer. You just couldn't help but stare........those huge, rock hard nipples on those big, firm tits, and that seemingly perpetually wet, smooth cunt. My mother had to be a nymphomaniac on top of being a voyeur and exhibitionist. I suppose most young men could only dream of living in a fantasy family like this, but sometimes, it was a little overpowering.

She brought us out of our stare by telling us that dinner would be ready in an hour so we could go relax for a bit. Relax in this've got to be kidding. What might our Saturday night bring. I suppose we'll find out soon enough............

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