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9/20/2017 10:48 am
Boys Night In

It had been a few weeks since my "talk" with Rick's parents. I had since talked to Rick about it and he told me he really didn't know what his parents were up to, but suspected the worst. After all, he lived with them and knew all their desires and oddities. They were the ones who had "swinger" parties at their house and left town to visit "friends" for weekends. I forgave him but now I was in a situation where I was becoming a boy toy plaything for my parents and Rick's parents. Rick punched me in the arm and said to get over it.......most young men could only fantasize about such a problem.

We were coming up on the 4 day Thanksgiving Holiday and Rick's parents were visiting "friends" for the holiday. I just found out that my parents were visiting "friends" out of town over the holiday too. Wonder if they were the same "friends". It gave me the opportunity to have the house to myself for 4 days. I didn't like turkey anyway. Burgers and fries for the holiday. I told Rick about the coincidence of our parents and he had the same thought I did. Maybe our sex crazed parents were going to the same place to do the same things. We were just happy to be rid of them for 4 days.

I invited Rick to come hangout with me at my house for the holiday since Butch and Darrel were having their friends to his house. He said that would be great and he had another batch of smut for me from his Dad. No sooner than I had hung up from Rick and was headed to the couch to watch TV, the phone rang again. My Mom answered it and said it was Daniel for me. She looked at me strangely since she thought she knew most of my friends. I got off the couch and asked if I could answer on the phone in her room. She nodded toward her room and I ran down the hall to get the phone. I picked it up and said, "got it Mom", waiting for her to hang up. I didn't need her snooping on my phone calls too. I told Daniel hello and asked what was up? He asked what I was doing over the holiday since he was home from college and didn't really want to hangout with his parents. Without really thinking about it, I told Daniel about my parents leaving for the holiday and asked him if he would like to hangout at my house. He jumped at the chance and it was only after I hung up that i realized that Rick and Daniel were both having sex with my father. Oh Well, I've had sex with both of them.

The Wednesday evening arrived and my parents were packed and all ready to go. I had to get the usual parental lecture about being good and being safe. I could throw out the good part because I was being anything but good in my house with my parents. I just listened, smiled, and told them to have a nice visit with their "friends". They were on their way and I immediately got on the phone to Rick to tell him that I was alone and he could come over. He said his parent's just left and Butch and Darrel's friends were on their way over. Rick said he would see me in a bit. I next called Daniel and his mother answered the phone and took a message because he wasn't home from college yet.

I decided to take full advantage of having the house to myself. I unlocked the front door so Rick and Daniel could come in, stripped off my clothes, went to my room and brought my smut pile to the living room so it could be perused at leisure and kicked back on the couch to relax. I knew that Rick would be bringing new material, but I hadn't near tired of all the ones I had. I had my favorites of course. The rest stop and restroom sex were my favorites, now followed closely by any magazine containing men of color especially Latin and now Black men. I searched through the pile and came across one I hadn't seen before, or maybe missed. It had an image on the front of a big cocked Latin man who was semi hard and a pale yet muscular, smooth young man with a rock hard cock. They were obviously in a motel or hotel room because of the generic decorations and the title went diagonally across the image in red ink, saying "LATIN DADDYS AND THEIR TWINKS". I looked at the cover and wondered, was I a twink......was Rick a twink.......I knew Daniel had to be a twink.

I started thumbing through the magazine, intrigued by the idea that Al was sending messages to me by the material he was choosing to send. Was I Al's twink? As I was looking at all the hot images of twinks and hot Latin men in various sexual activity I came on to an image that made my cock go instantly rock hard and twitch. It was an image of a muscular, smooth, Latin man, not as muscular as Al but close, with a huge uncut cock semi hard, hanging down under him as he is on all fours, and a smooth, muscular twink has his cock buried half way into the big Latin's ass. The look on both of their faces was sheer lust. As I was wrapped up in the image I heard a knock on the front door, then the door knob turned and in came Rick wearing his usual blue jeans, white T shirt, and black leather motorcycle jacket. YEAH, he was "Fonzi" before there was a "Fonzi" and all the girls and guys acted accordingly. Both Darrel and Butch went through their "Fonzi" type stage and now had moved on, except Butch was a member of a car club called "The Coachmen" and had a black leather jacket with an image of a hot rod stage coach on the back. Butch also had one of the fastest cars in town, worked at a speed shop and was known to never turn down a challenge to a street race.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Rick saw me sitting naked on the couch, my cock sticking straight up and twitching, and a magazine in my hand. He laughed and said, "Couldn't wait to get started?" I told him I was just relaxing until I found a magazine I hadn't seen before, lifted it and showed him the cover. He just grinned and shook his head. He put his duffel bag down, took off his leather jacket and T shirt and walked over to me with a paper bag in his hand. He handed it to me and said, "Latest delivery from "The Latin Snake". I frowned but understood, that he understood that his father and I had something going on. I took the bag and pulled out 3 magazines, 2 of them still in their brown plastic wrappers meaning they had never been opened or looked at. The third one was another on topic magazine called "SWEATY LATIN TRUCKERS" I wonder who that could be.........

I was really interested in the 2 magazines that had never been opened, meaning Al bought them just for me. Must be a message. By this time, Rick had stripped off his jeans and boots and was planted next to me on the couch naked searching the pile for his entertainment. I was going after the 2 new mags and set down the one I had been looking at. Rick saw it and picked it up and said to himself, "Hum, this looks interesting." I was tearing at the opaque covering of the new magazines so I could see what they were. I got the first one uncovered and looked at the cover. There was an image of a hot bodied Latin, dark skinned, woman standing naked in a kitchen. She had huge, firm tits with really big almost black stiff nipples sticking out. She had a smooth cunt that looked slick and wet. Her hands had white flower residue on them and she was holding them up palms forward and smiling. The title was printed where it looked like she was holding up the words. It was called, "HOT LATIN MOMMAS". Could this possibly be any more of a direct message to me after the "talk" I had with Al and Marta.

I couldn't wait to see the next one. As I was ripping off the covering of the second one, there was a knock at the door, the door knob turned and in walked Daniel. Rick looked at him and then at me. I put my hand on Rick's leg and said, "It's OK, he is one of us." "Daniel, I'd like to introduce Rick, my best friend.....Rick this is Daniel my new friend." I told Rick that Daniel needed the escape actually more than we did, since he would be stuck with his parents for 4 days. Rick patted the couch next to him and said, "Get comfortable and have a seat." Daniel quickly stripped off his clothes, showing Rick his pale, smooth, muscular twink body and his hanging big twink cock. The difference between Daniel and Rick was like night and day. Rick being dark skinned Latin and Daniel a pale White boy, it was striking to see them sitting next to each other on the couch naked. I was thinking that this could be a good introduction, since Rick and Daniel were the same age. I went back to what I was doing and let those 2 get to know each other.

Finally peeling the covering off the last magazine, I was presented with a cover showing an image of another dark skinned Latin woman cupping her huge tits and offering her big, dark nipples out for play. The title was "BIG JUG LATINS". Now having seen the covers of both magazines, I knew this was Al's tease and message to me about Marta, to keep the image of her hot Latin mothers body on my mind. Since I had told Rick about my "talk" and what happened, when I held up the magazines and told Rick to look, he just grinned widely and said, "Nice ones." of course being sarcastic and knowing exactly what was the intent.

Looking at Rick and Daniel, I could see they seemed to be getting along just fine, in fact they were looking through the same magazine, "SWEATY LATIN TRUCKERS". I noticed that both of their cocks were sticking straight up in the air and twitching with their heart beats as they obviously liked the images in the magazine. I heard Daniel say that he saw some graffiti in a restroom that said something about "The Latin Snake" with a phone number. Rick looked up at Daniel and then at me with a questioning look. I just nodded my head yes as I assumed he wanted to know if he should tell or I should. Since it was all about his father, I figured Rick should tell anything he wanted Daniel to know.

Rick started to tell the story of "The Latin Snake" by saying that he was his father. Daniel got wide eyed at that revelation. Rick told the whole background of Al's desires and fetishes and why he had that nickname. He explained what his Dad looked like, and that if he ever saw him, he wouldn't soon forget what he saw, especially if he saw him naked. Daniel had a confused look on his face so I spoke up and said that Al had a monster cock that was over 12 inches soft and over 2 inches thick in diameter. The combination of his huge muscular bodybuilders body and that monster cock made him an unforgettable site.

While we were all wrapped up in discussing Al "The Latin Snake", I noticed that Rick and Daniel were just as hot as I was talking about Al. Daniel had moved his hand into Rick's lap and was gently stroking Rick's foreskin up and down over the head of his cock. Every time he bared the pink head, more cock juice would bubble out of the slit and the sliding foreskin would spread it over his head. Daniel's cock head was drooling a stream of cock juice down his shaft and both of them were breathing ragged and hard. I started stroking my hard cock and teasing my nipples while watching their interaction and telling them about my involvement with "The Latin Snake". I noticed that both Rick's and Daniel's puffy nipples looked swollen and needing attention. Rick's were dark brown and Daniel's were bright pink. As if reading my mind, Rick's hand reached out and started flicking Daniel's nipples, one then the other. Daniel would jerk and shiver with each nipple flick and he pushed his chest toward Rick's fingers wanting more. Watching them was better than looking at any magazine.

As I was finishing my telling of my first suck and fuck with Al, it really didn't matter what I was saying. Rick and Daniel were hot and ready to go. Daniel was now openly stroking Rick's throbbing cock and Rick was milking Daniel's swollen nipples. I watched as Daniel leaned over and licked the wet head of Rick's cock and then slid it into his mouth. Rick humped his hips up to push more of his cock into Daniel's mouth. I laid back, working my stiff nipples and stroking my cock while watching Daniel assault Rick's now wet and slick cock with his mouth. Rick let him suck for a while, just moaning and enjoying Daniel's mouth. He finally pulled Daniel's mouth off his cock and leaned over against my stretched out body, putting his head almost even to my pulsing cock. He pulled Daniel on top of him and they started grinding their cocks against each other as they locked lips in a deep long kiss.All this as my wet, drooling cock was right next to their heads.

After their long kiss, Daniel lifted up and swiped his tongue over the head of my cock and then took the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the head. I just grabbed both of my now stiff, long nipples and pulled on them, enjoying Daniel's wet mouth. It was obvious that Daniel knew how to suck cock and loved doing it. Rick took advantage of Daniel's lifting his body and latched his mouth around one of Daniel's pink, swollen nipples, sucking it hard, causing Daniel to moan around my cock. All this grinding and sucking was getting us really cranked up. Daniel pulled himself of my cock and Rick off his nipple and stood up, looking down at us naked and horny on the couch in front of him. With a totally lustful gaze, he said, "I want you to use me." "I want you to fill me".

Daniel laid on his back in the middle of the living room floor, one hand pulling at his swollen nipples, the other stroking his rock hard cock. He looked up at us and said, "Fill me." We couldn't deny this hot twink what he wanted. We got off the couch and Rick got between his legs and I got at his head. Rick started rubbing his cock juice wet cock head on Daniel's hole as I rubbed my drooling cock across his lips, after which he licked his lips and moaned "More". I put my cock to his lips and gently pushed. He opened his mouth and my cock slid in. He started working his mouth and tongue on my cock as Rick started pushing his wet cock head against his pucker. Hearing Daniel moan around my cock, Rick looked down and saw his pucker twitch and then start to open like a mouth. His cock slid easily into Daniel all the way. Rick just left it buried all the way to let Daniel get used to it for a bit. He watched Daniel sucking away at my cock like a mad man.

Not being able to wait any longer, Rick started long, deep strokes in and out of Daniel, leaning over occasionally to suck hard on one of Daniel's pink, swollen nipples. The rest of the time, Rick and I were on our knees, pumping in and out of Daniel at both ends, reaching out and teasing each other's nipples and seeing Daniel flicking and pulling at his nipples as we owned his mouth and ass. All 3 of us were starting to show the heat of the situation as both Rick and I were dripping sweat onto Daniel's sweaty slick body. The sound in the room was loud as we all 3 were grunting and groaning. While Rick was pumping Daniel's ass, he stroked Daniel's steel hard cock, smearing his drooling cock juice all over the shaft. It seemed like we had been using Daniel for the longest time when Rick started to moan and so did Daniel. Daniel's ass muscles were twitching and gripping at Rick's cock as Daniel's cock juice started to rise out of his balls. Next came the eruption of Daniel's cock juice, shooting multiple squirts into the air and splashing back on his stomach and chest. His ass muscles clenching and gripping during his blast off, milked Rick's thrusting cock and he was next to blast squirt after squirt into Daniel's tight hole. I couldn't handle watching all this juice blasting and my cock erupted into Daniel's mouth and he hungrily gobbled it all down. As we started to come down from our cock juice eruptions, Rick and I were thinking alike as we leaned over and both licked up all of Daniel's cock juice and swallowed it down. Share and share alike. We all gave each other something. After that we disconnected from Daniel's sweat covered body and we all collapsed on the floor right where we were and ended up falling asleep in a pile, completely drained and worn out.

This was just the first few hours of our boys holiday. Could we survive the rest? It will sure be fun trying. I think "Boy's Night In" was off to a hot, wet start.........

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