Consumed With The Thoughts  

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9/8/2017 3:18 pm
Consumed With The Thoughts

After everything that happened over this last weekend when Rick stayed with us, it was hard to believe that I was now laying naked on top of my bed in the middle of the night, with my nipples so hard they hurt, and my cock throbbing with a stream of cock juice running down the shaft. I had just awakened from the most realistic dream, that it felt in my mind that it really happened. I guess I know what made the biggest impression, at least on my mind, of all the things that happened and all the things I learned over the weekend. My dream was about Rick's father and being alone with him in a public restroom while he teased me into having sex with him. Unlike most dreams where we may remember bits and pieces of them when we wake up, I remembered every image, every interaction, and I swear the smells. I guess that's why I woke up in the state I was in......alone in my room, lit just by the light from the open window, my body covered in sweat and cranked up for sex.

I was playing my dream over in my head, detail by detail, and it was only getting me hotter. I had gone into the public men's room at the local park to use the facilities. It must have been a warm summer day, because the only thing I had on was a pair of jeans and even then, the hotness of the restroom had made me break out into a sweat. As I stood at the urinal and let my piss splash into the bowl, I took a deep breath of the air in the place. It was a mix of piss, man sweat, and that barely detectable but unmistakable whiff of man sex. I was at the urinal right next to the stalls and of course the walls were full of the usual graffiti about getting your cock sucked, call this number for a good time, and other graphic sexual suggestions. I noticed that most of them were about man sex.

The restroom was having a strange effect on me as while I was pissing, my cock was lengthening and actually getting hard with the visual and smell characteristics I was surrounded with. As the last drops dribbled out, I looked and wondered how this place could have such an effect on me and how I was going to deal with my semi hard cock. Just then, I heard someone clear their throat behind me and off to the side by the stalls. I looked back over my shoulder, and there, leaning against the wall just wearing a pair of jeans, the 2 top buttons unbuttoned so you could just see the root of a huge cock that was hanging down his leg under his jeans, was Rick's Dad. Of course, in my dream I didn't know him as Rick's Dad. He was just a hugely muscular and ripped, dark skinned Latin man starring at me smiling. His body was glistening with sweat just like mine from the summer heat and the hotness of the restroom.

He stood there with a smile on his face, looking right at me, one hand resting with his thumb just above the root of that huge cock, the other resting on his gigantic, muscular chest, lightly sliding a finger up and down over a dark, extremely swollen puffy nipple. As I looked him tight in the eye, he stuck his tongue out and wagged it up and down, lifted his hand off his muscle tits and waved for me to come closer to him. I turned around from the urinal, leaving the 2 top buttons of my jeans unbuttoned like him, except you could see my semi hard cock pushing out the front of my jeans. I stood there letting him look me up and down and feeling my nipples grow and stick out stiff and hard as glass. He waved me forward again and I slowly approached him, standing right in front of him,almost close enough that our bodies touched. I could feel the heat coming off his body and suddenly could smell that overpowering smell of man sex. It was making me feel lightheaded. It brought me back to reality when I felt both his hands take my stiff nipples in his fingers and start pulling and rolling them back and forth.

The first words out of his mouth were, " I like your big, hard boy tits, do you like my big muscle tits?" His fingers, now milking my horny nipples, were doing what it does to nipple pigs. My resistance and caring about my surroundings or anything else was slipping away. My whole being was centered on my nipples and the intense feelings he was giving me. "Touch me boy, play with my big muscle tits." I reached out and cupped his big, hard chest and he flexed it in my hands. I could feel his puffy nipples rubbing against my palms as he made his chest jump and bounce. I pulled my hands back and started flicking my fingers back and forth across his swollen, puffy nipples. His head went back and out came a guttural growl. "Yes boy, I love my big man nipples played with just like you like it."

While we were focusing on the nipples at hand, I looked down to see that we were both hard in our jeans. His cock was truly a monster as I could see the fat root completely and the beginnings of the fat, dark, veiny shaft. His voice commanded me back, "Put your mouth of my tit........suck on it for me." I did what he asked and leaned my head forward, first flicking my tongue across the swollen puffy, then sucking it into my mouth and sucking on it hard. He threw his head back and let out a long moan, then saying, "I love a boy sucking my tits." I switched up and flicked the other one with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth and sucked it hard. After that I pulled back and took a look. Both of his swollen puffies were sticking out dark and to a point. Who wouldn't want to suck them?

One of his hands dropped down to my jeans where he cupped my crotch and felt my rock hard cock where now the drooling head was sticking above the open 2 buttons. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Boy, you are nice and hard and wet for me." I returned the favor and cupped his cock through his jeans. It was still down his leg, but was very thick and had to be at least a foot long. He moaned and pushed his crotch into my hand. "Take it out....set it free." he almost grunted at me. I looked down, grabbed both sides of his jeans and pulled apart as one my one the buttons unfastened. When they were completely undone, only about half of his massive cock was showing, but the shaft was flexing and pulsing. He shock his hips from side to side a couple times and his jeans slid down his legs and bunched up around his feet.

There it was, in all it's glory. At least 12 inches long, with almost a 2 inch diameter thickness, very dark in color, covered in blue veins, and a foreskin that was covering most of the head. Just a little bit of the pink head was showing and it was slick and wet and there was a bubble of cock juice oozing from the slit. It stuck almost straight out with a downward hang at the end. As I looked at it and my mouth started to salivate, he pulled my jeans apart, unbuttoning them and they fell down around my feet. My cock stood straight up in the air, good sized for a young man, with cock juice running down the shaft as it twitched back and forth. A bit of the haze of the situation cleared and I realized I was standing in a public park men's restroom with my pants down around my feet, inches in front of a huge, muscled and ripped, dark, Latin man with a monster cock twitching and drooling, almost scrapping against my cock.

"Go ahead, I know you want to touch it." "Feel how big and fat it gets for horny young men." I knew I had to touch it and more. My hand went immediately to the head where I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft and stroked back and forth, watching the bright pink head appear and disappear under the foreskin. With every stroke, more and more cock juice pumped out of the slit and soon on the forward stroke, it looked like his foreskin and head were covered in cream. All the time I was doing this, he was pumping his hips to my stroke and moaning. His hand reached out and his finger slid up the shaft of my twitching cock, scooping up the trail of cock juice and then licking it off his fingers. He made a loud Yum sound and licked his lips.

After the Yum, he went down on one knee and his tongue traveled the trail of my cock juice up the shaft and licked the head of my cock, causing me to shiver. I felt his mouth close around the head of my cock, and his tongue swirl around the head. His mouth then slid down over my cock, taking almost the whole cock to the balls and holding it in his mouth. Next he started sliding up and down my cock, sucking hard as he did. I could tell he loved sucking cock and he was into it and good at it. I let him suck me for a couple minutes while I worked both my nipples and pumped his hot, wet mouth. I had to stop him because I was almost ready to shoot my cock juice. I wanted more. I wanted his monster cock. I went down on one knee and my hand pulled his foreskin forward and a pool of white cock juice formed over his pink head. I stuck my tongue out and lapped up all the cock milk until just the wet, pink head was showing. I loved the taste of his juice. I closed my mouth around the huge head and swirled my tongue underneath the foreskin to get any cock juice I missed, and then slid my mouth down over the fat shaft as far as I could. I could only get a little over a third of his cock in my mouth, but sucking such a huge cock was driving me crazy. I needed more of this. I could get addicted to a huge cock like this.

He let me worship his big cock for about 5 minutes before pulling me up and spinning me around. He bent me over slightly, reached around and started teasing and milking my stiff nipples. I felt something wet hit my ass crack and looked back to see him repeatedly spitting on my ass crack. I could feel it running down the crack and covering my twitching hole. About every third spit, he would allow it to drop on the head and shaft of his swaying cock. Was he going to fuck me with that huge cock? Could I take that huge cock. Did I want him to fuck me with that huge cock? Did I want him to fill me with his cock juice? As I was thinking all this, I could feel his fat, wet cock head, sliding up and down my ass crack. His fingers were now more urgently assaulting my nipples, knowing that when a nipple pig is controlled and worked, they will accept anything. As I felt the head of that massive cock find my twitching hole and start pushing to enter, that's when I woke up.

Now you know why I was laying on my bed naked, covered in sweat, nipples hard and hurting, my cock covered in juice. I was dreaming about Rick's Dad and ultimately having him breed me with his huge Latin cock. How was I going to deal with this? Dream about it every night, or find a way to make it happen. I'll have to talk to Rick about this. I want his muscular body and huge cock for real..............

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