Finally Quiet And Talk Time  

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9/7/2017 10:26 am
Finally Quiet And Talk Time

After our "quality" time spent with my parents, it was nice to escape to the quiet of my room. The evening was nothing more than a competitive teasing session between my parents that left a huge sexual tension in the house and them obviously horny as hell.

We got to my room and I started to close the door and latch it. Rick stopped me and said just leave it open. Maybe he had a sense that something else was going on. It really didn't matter, because my voyeuristic parents would just open the door to look if they wanted to like they have already done. I turned off the overhead light and turned on the blue lamp by the side of the bed. It made things less harsh yet provided enough light that everything could be seen. As I turned I saw Rick already on the bed naked, his fat, long, uncut Latin cock already semi hard and laying across his crotch. His puffy nipples looked swollen and needy. I looked and saw the stack of magazines that he brought still sitting on the floor by the bed, the one on top being "REST STOP MEN", the only one that we had looked at and had caused the wild scene the previous night. Seeing it sent me into a thought storm with my head filled with images of Rick's Dad and the 2 men naked in the restroom stall, seeing his large, dark, cock in one man's mouth, while the other man sucked hungrily on his big puffy muscle tit. The 2 men were stroking each other's cocks while working on Rick's Dad.

Rick sensed I was lost in thought and patted the bed, which brought me back to reality. I pushed my surfing shorts down and off, stroked my half hard cock a couple times and then laid down on the bed facing Rick. I told him I had something to tell him and he turned to face me and waited while I gathered my thoughts about how to say things right. We laid close enough to each other that our cocks would occasionally touch as we unconsciously moved our hips in a forward manner almost desiring to cock dance with each other.

The best way to say it is just how it was, so I told Rick the whole story of my voyeuristic experience involving his father and the restroom experience. By the time I was finished telling and reliving the experience, my cock was steel hard and twitching wildly, pumping out cock juice in a drooling stream. Some of it was even falling on Rick's now steel hard and twitching cock. I was aware that my nipples had become hard as glass and were tingling.

I looked at Rick, searching his face for a reaction. There was just a big smile. Finally he spoke, saying, "You are hot and horny for my father." "He did to you what he does to all men who have and hide their desires for other men." "It's his fetish, what he loves to do." "He finds places where men put themselves in hopes of finding man sex, and teases them into having sex with him." "Rest Stops and Men's Restrooms are 2 of his favorite hangouts for finding his horny men."

Rick leaned over me and searched through the pile of magazines and pulled one out of the middle of the pile and set it down between us. On the cover, it said in bold letters like a sign, "MEN"S ROOM ORGY" placed over an image of a common looking door to a public men's restroom. Rick said it was his favorite because it reminded him of his father and how he found out about his fetish and need for sex with men. He slowly started turning the pages of the magazine while starting to tell me the story of first discovering his Dad's sex desires. All the images had a setting in common. Men in various stages of undress and arousal, set in men's restrooms with urinals and toilet stalls as a background.

Rick started by telling me that at age 15, his father decided to take him on one of his long haul trips so he would know what his father's absences were about and what he did for work. Being a long haul truck driver meant long hours on the road and stopping for rest ,food, and sleep at intervals throughout. The first couple days went by uneventful, except for stops at certain rest stops that his Dad said catered to truckers. Rick would stay in the truck and listen to the radio unless he had to use the facilities. Sometimes his Dad would be gone for 5 to 10 minutes, others up to 45 minutes. After those longer times, he would always come back to the truck looking sweaty, flushed and had a strange smell about him. I was later to learn and love that it was the smell of horny man sex and cock juice.

Still turning the pages of "MEN"S ROOM ORGY" where the images were now showing all the men naked, hard, sweaty and stroking, sucking, playing with nipples, and licking asses. Rick continued telling me that on the third day all was usual except his rest stop breaks were always quick and we covered a lot of miles. By the early evening, it was dark as we pulled into a large truck stop rest area that had dozens of trucks all parked, many with parking lights on and the truck running. His Dad said many times the truck was left running to keep power to the air conditioning and power to the sleeper for TV , lights, and radio. We went into the restaurant to get some dinner and as always my Dad's hulking, muscular and ripped body, attracted lots of attention. H was wearing his usual tight fitting jeans and today a loose fitting muscle tank top that didn't hide much of his huge upper body. After seeing all the men in the restaurant leering and openly starring at my Dad, I took a long look at what they seemed to be interested in. He was showing a huge bulge in his jeans and you could actually see the outline of his huge, Latin uncut cock hanging down the leg of his jeans. His muscle tank was loose and small enough that his big muscle tits with their swollen, puffy dark nipples were showing and actually bounced as he walked. Rick told me that he loved his Dad's big puffy nipples and asked him once why his and his brothers weren't the same. His Dad told him that sometimes he used steroids to help him with muscle growth for his body building and swollen, puffy nipples were a side effect of that.

Anyway, they ate dinner, occasionally interrupted by men coming up to say Hello to my father. We headed back to the truck and it was time to hit the sleeper and get some sleep. His Dad got things ready in the sleeper and turned on the TV and said he could watch anything he wanted to go to sleep. His Dad said he was going to stay up a while and work on his log book. It wasn't long before Rick was asleep.

After what seemed like a very short while, but in fact almost 2 hours later, Rick woke up and noticed his Dad wasn't asleep next to him and he wasn't in the front of the truck working on his log book. Rick decided to get up and go see if he could find his father. He threw on his jeans and shoes and headed out. There were 3 big buildings that were clearly marked showers and restrooms so Rick decided to check them out. The first 2 were lights on and empty. When he got to the third one he could hear men's voices and what sounded like moaning coming out of the open windows at the top of the walls. Rick decided to not go in and instead pulled a garbage dumpster that was against the out side wall over far enough where he could get on top of it and look through one of the windows at the top of the wall. As Rick looked through the window, he got an eyeful of what his father was all about.

His father was naked on his hands and knees in the middle of the floor, his body shiny and wet with sweat. Rick could see his Dad's big, dark, uncut cock, hanging down semi hard with the foreskin pulled partway back, the head drooling a stream of cock juice to a small puddle on the floor underneath him. Behind him on his knees was a big, muscular, smooth, black man with a huge, thick cock, pumping it in and out of his father's hole. Kneeling at his father's head was a muscular white man that had huge, stiff nipples, that was pumping his big fat cock in and out of his father's mouth. Both of the men working over his Dad were dripping wet with sweat like his Dad so they must have been going at this for a while. In the background on a long counter with sinks against the wall were another 2 men, rather thin and smooth, one leaning back on the counter while the other man pumped his long cock in and out of his hole while milking his overly large nipples. All of the men were talking dirty to each other and moaning. Rick watched his father push his ass back hard on the big black cock at the same time hungrily sucking that fat cock in his mouth. He could hear his Dad grunting and moaning through the mouthful of cock. As he watched the wild scene, he got a nose full of that smell that he was going to need and love.........horny hot man sex and cock juice. rick's own young cock was rock hard and painful in his jeans and he could feel it pumping out cock juice lube into his jeans. Now he knew what his Dad did on his road trips.

Rick couldn't stay and watch anymore because he didn't want to get caught, although he was transfixed by the whole scene, the sights, the sounds, the smells. He headed back to the truck, his mind full of the experience. He laid down on the sleeper bed, naked and rock hard. He stroked his young cock, working his foreskin back and forth over the drooling head and pinching hard on his puffy nipples, reliving the scene that he had watched, inserting himself in the scenario, being naked with his father. He shot off one of biggest cock juice loads he had ever had and drifted off to sleep only to wake up a couple hours later to that overwhelming smell from the restroom scene. There naked and sleeping next to him was his father.

With that, Rick looked at me and said he could understand how I reacted to his father at the pool restroom because his Dad had the same affect on him and most men he meets. We both looked down at the magazine and it was turned open to the centerfold that showed a scene almost like the one Rick described except there were more men sucking and fucking each other in the "MEN'S ROOM ORGY". All during the story telling, Rick and I had been subconsciously humping our cocks against each other and I had been pulling at my stiff, tingling nipples. Our cocks were covered in cock juice and we were hot and nipple horny. Just as we decided we needed to do something about it we could hear voices from down the hall intermingled with loud moans and grunts. What was going on with my horny parents? Should we go see?

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