Getting To A Personal Talk That Leads To?  

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9/6/2017 7:22 pm
Getting To A Personal Talk That Leads To?

Dinner went about as well as expected when you have your parents at the table nearly naked in front of your best friend. Rick was taking it all in stride and just smiled and watched the display, acting like it was all normal. I suppose he was more attuned and used to crazy family antics from what he had told me about what went on in his family. After my experience involving his father at the pool, I was believing his stories about them more and more. I still needed to discuss my experience with him later.

As dinner was winding down, my mother whined that we needed to be more sociable and spend some time with her and my Dad. She wanted us to all watch a movie together this evening. To be agreeable, we said OK and all met in the living room to settle in and spend our quality time with them. Rick and I sat on the couch with my Dad, me next to him and Rick on my other side, penned in by me and the arm of the couch, our bodies all touching. My mother sat in an over stuffed chair off to the side. We started the movie and all I could think about was getting through this and getting to talk to Rick about my experience with his father at the pool. Not very far into the movie, I was distracted by movement from my father. I looked over and saw that he had slumped down a ways on the couch and had crossed his arms over his chest just below his big, dark nipple knobs. I went back to trying to watch the movie, but was distracted again by movement from my Dad out of the corner of my eye. My Dad's cock was stretching out and getting hard. It was straining the material of the small Speedo he was wearing. The movie wasn't that hot, so I wondered what was getting my Dad so hot. I casually glanced at my father's face and saw that he was starring at the fronts of Rick's and my surf shorts. Of course we were both hard in our shorts. Who wouldn't be when they have a nearly naked man with a big cock on one side and a nearly naked woman with huge tits, stiff nipples, and a smooth cunt, nearly naked on the other. Rick and I were both trying to survive our quality time and get out of there as soon as we could.

I could feel my father's arm flexing against my side, so I looked over very casually to see what was going on. Just above his crossed arms, my Dad's huge, dark nipple knobs were sticking out stiff and swollen, and he was flicking and teasing them with his fingers while looking at our cocks. My Dad was getting nipple horny looking at us. I elbowed Rick and nodded toward my Dad. Rick looked and then gave me a knowing smile. Someone else had noticed too.

Not to be outdone, My mother grabbed center stage by saying, "I'm boys don't mind do you?" With that she reached behind and unhooked the tiny bra and let it slip down her arms and let it fall to the floor. There in all their glory, standing firm like mountains, were my mother's bare tits. As if loving their freedom, her huge nipples thickened even more and grew longer to stick out almost obscenely asking for attention. With a teasing look, she said, "We are all family here." I was about to say something, but felt Rick's leg press against mine hard. I thought better and just smiled and let it go. Not getting the reaction she expected and needed, she cupped her big tits and gave them a couple jiggles and said with a sigh, "That's so much better."' I took a look at my father and back at Rick. All 3 of us now had wet spots on the front of our crotches, but my father's was very large and in fact, a little puddle of cock juice was forming on his leg outside his Speedo. We tried to go back to watching the movie, but I had figured out that the movie wasn't the focus of the quality time my parents wanted.

After a few quiet minutes, my mother jumped up and stood in the middle of the living room with a questioning look on her face and said, "Anyone want popcorn or ice cream?" Standing there with those huge stiff nipples swaying back and forth and the soaking wet front of her tiny thong showing her swollen and extremely wet cunt lips and her hard clit pushing out the wet material, how could we say anything but stare. I finally looked at my Dad and Rick, seeing the same stare, I managed to say, "It's too hot for about
ice cream?" Off to the kitchen she headed, tits bouncing and ass cheeks jiggling.

Rick and I sat there, kind of in shock about what was happening, loving and enjoying it like any horny young man would, but it was strange just the same. I glanced over at my father just in time to see him scoop up the puddle of cock juice on his leg and lick it off his fingers. He was getting off on this as much as she was. I wonder what they had in mind for the rest of the night. We heard my mother coming back from the kitchen. She walked into the living room carrying 2 bowls of ice cream saying "Here's for my boys." stopping right in front of us and leaning over to hand us the bowls. Her huge tits were right in front of us with her stiff 1 1/2 inch long nipples hanging like cow udders ready to be milked. Just then, the smell hit our nose and it was overwhelming, causing our cocks to twitch and our nipples to go stiff. Hot woman cunt smell. My mother was in heat and as we both looked at her cunt, it was dripping wet, her thong front was soaked and her legs around her crotch were wet. We took the bowls and she smiled and headed back to the kitchen. Soon she was back with my father's bowl and her bowl.

We ate the ice cream in silence and by the time we were all finished, the movie was over and I can't even tell you what it was about. My mother's horny woman smell filled the room and I needed to get out of there. I hope my father fucks the hell out of her tonight. We politely excused ourselves and took our bowls to the kitchen, then off to my room. The night is still young.....what now?

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