It Wasn't Who I Expected  

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9/4/2017 8:57 pm
It Wasn't Who I Expected

As my bedroom door pushed slowly open, I fully expected to see my horny mother, naked and working on her big nipples and rubbing her rock hard clit while she had been spying on us and our hot sweaty fucking scene. As the door finally stood wide open, I laid there, my best friend milking my horny nipples and pumping his hard cock in and out of my ass, and saw my father standing in the darkness just outside my door, naked, pinching and pulling on one of his rock hard nipple knobs and stroking the foreskin back and forth over the soaking wet cock head of his steel hard cock. I was too lost in my lust to do anything more than just stare and think how fucking hot my Dad looked. Rick released one of my swollen, stiff nipples and waved my father to come into the room. He stepped into the room and leaned against the door jam, pinching his big nipples and stroking his big cock. I could tell how hot he was, because there was a strand of thick cock juice starting to drool out of his foreskin and head of his cock. He looked away from our fuck scene and noticed his cock drool, scooped it up with his fingers and sucked it off his fingers and smiled at us. Rick whispered in my ear that he wanted me to fuck him now and I was ready. My cock had been drooling a steady stream of cock juice and I had been smearing it all over my head and shaft making it nice and slick. I asked Rick how he wanted it and he said, "Mount me like a dog and breed me." He pulled out of me with a pop and climbed over me dripping sweat as he made the move.

Rick got on his hands and knees and faced the door where my father was watching and looked back at me. I was looking at the whole scene and was amazed at what was happening. Rick's tan body was dripping wet and shiny with sweat from his hard fucking of me and I slid up behind him and started rubbing my juice covered cock up and down his crack while I watched my father breathing hard and raged, working first one rock hard nipple knob, then the other as he smeared his cock juice all over his steel hard, fat cock. I found Rick's twitching, now wet hole and started pushing my wet cock against it. Rick's hole was used to being fucked more often and he opened right up and I slid in all the way. Rick moaned and looked at me over his shoulder and said, "Don't wait, start breeding your bitch now." I obliged and started pumping my cock in and out of his hole in long, deep strokes as we both moaned.

I looked over at my father and he was lost in the lust of the situation. He had just seen his son fucked by his best friend and now his son was fucking his best friend. Obviously he liked it and it made him horny. While watching my father, I saw Rick lift his hand a wave my father forward. As he moved forward, I heard Rick almost growl, "Feed me your cock.....let me suck you while David breeds me." My father grabbed his cock by the base and pointed it at Rick's mouth. he opened and took my father's cock in his mouth and started sucking it like a hungry child. My best friend was being filled at both ends and loved it. He was pumping his ass back on my cock as hard as I was fucking him and my father was sliding his slick, wet cock in and out of Rick's mouth. My father's fingers went for my stiff nipples and mine for his. We started milking each other's nipples as we pumped our cocks in and out of Rick. All 3 of us were breathing heavy and covered in sweat.

I told Rick I wouldn't last much longer and he just made a loud moan around my father's pumping cock. I looked over my father's shoulder to the doorway of my bedroom and there stood my naked, horny mother, thumbing and pinching her huge, swollen nipples with one hand, and the other hand with 2 fingers buried in her soaking wet cunt and her thumb strumming her stiff clit. That did it for me as I started blasting my cock juice into Rick's ass. Rick just kept moaning loudly around my father's pumping cock. When I had finished shooting, I pulled out with a pop and flipped on my back and slid under Rick where I was met by a thick stream of cock juice drooling off his hanging stiff cock. I took Rick's cock in my mouth and started sucking him for all it was worth. I looked forward and saw my father's balls all covered with spit and cock juice that had drooled out of Ricks mouth and father behind, my mother furiously working her now dripping cunt and pulling at her big udders hard. her legs were literally covered in cunt juice. She obviously loved what she was watching. As I sucked away at Rick's cock and swirled my tongue around his foreskin, I noticed my father's balls start to tighten and throb. Within seconds of that I felt Rick's cock start to twitch. Rick and I were both going to get a mouthful of cock juice. The first shot hit the back of my mouth and it was obvious that my father's first shot was pumping into Rick's mouth. We both sucked and swallowed and enjoyed eating all that cock juice.

As it all wound down, I let Rick's cock slip out of my mouth and gave a quick lick to the head as I looked forward and saw my father's fat cock head flop out of Rick's mouth, still some cock juice drooling out. I slid out and laid on my back and Rick collapsed on his stomach and we just laid there. I looked at the doorway and noticed my mother was gone, but there was a fairly large puddle of cunt juice on the floor in the doorway. My father looked at us both and smiled, patted us on the heads and turned to leave. Not a word was said. Thank God my father missed stepping in the cunt juice puddle. I didn't know how I would tell him about Mom watching most of the action. I figured since they talk and share everything, they both would know. We were beat....literally. I reached over and turned off the blue light and we both just fell asleep where we lay. OH WHAT A NIGHT..........the first time I've ever told this story to anyone other than those involved. Now it's out's just my life.

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