Letting The Wrong Head Do The Thinking  

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9/7/2017 5:08 pm
Letting The Wrong Head Do The Thinking

We laid on the bed, our cocks hard as steel and covered in each other's juice, our nipples tingling and hungry, trying to hear what was being said by my parent's down the hall. Their bedroom door was wide open and they were talking and making noise loud enough that they wanted to be heard. I knew by now that was part of the tease they both had become so fond of. Unfortunately, both Rick and I were now very vulnerable to that tease. We rationalized that they spied on us. so why can't we do the same to them?

It didn't take much thinking before we were both up tiptoeing down the hall being lead by our dripping dickheads. We stopped just short of their room and decided to just listen for a while. It was obvious that the evening's tease had them both cranked up and they were hot and horny beyond belief. I heard my father say in a heavy quivering voice, "Did you see how hard both of them were?" "I noticed them looking at my drooling cock and watching me tease my stiff nipples." My mother answered his statement in a breathless sex heavy voice, "Did you see the look on their face when I took off my bra and let my big tits out?" "That look made me so hot that I could feel my nipples swell and get longer." "When I stood in the middle of the room and they starred at my swaying tits and saw how wet my cunt was." "I hope they could smell me, and tell how hot and horny I was."

This was all we needed to confirm that both of my parent's were in on the teasing game and that it was part of what got them horny. While listening to all this, we had been leaning back against the wall just outside their door causally stroking our hard cocks and teasing our nipples while listening. We both had a stream of cock juice drooling off the heads of our cocks. We both looked at each other and decided it was time to push back on the tease game.

We both stepped into the open doorway, standing shoulder to shoulder, our cocks sticking up and drooling, our nipples hard and being pinched, and observed my parents. My father was laying on his back with his legs hanging off the bed and my mother was sitting on his lap grinding her soaking wet cunt up and down across his wet slick cock. They weren't fucking yet, but she was just grinding on his fat cock as it lay in his lap, covering it with her bath of cunt juice. Both of them had their fingers on their own nipples, pulling and pinching them as they moaned and encouraged each other. They were both drenched in sweat and looked slick like they were covered in oil. It was quite a horny site to see and Rick and I stroked and moaned as we watched them go at it.

All of a sudden, our movement must have attracted my father's eye because he looked at the doorway and saw us there watching them. He let out a big moan, lifted his head and told my mother they were being watched. She just moaned and said, "Let them come in." My father took one hand off his big, stiff nipple, and waved us in and mouthed "Come in." We couldn't resist at this point, approaching the bed still stroking our cocks. My father almost growled, "Get on the bed on your knees, one on either side of me in front of your mother." We did as told and ended up with our hard cocks almost right over the top of my father's face. My mother looked at us with a far off gaze and said, "Did we make our boys horny tonight?" "Do you like being naked with us?" We just nodded and soaked up the whole scene. The smell was overwhelming and unbelievable. It was a mix of hot woman cunt and horny man sex and just an additional level added to our hornyness.

My mother looked first at me and then at Rick and then she said, "Do you want to play with my big tits and nipples?" She didn't wait for an answer. She almost croaked out an order, "Play with my big tits and pinch my big nipples." One of my hands and one of Rick's hands reached out and cupped her big, firm tits and positioned our hands so that we could flick our fingers over the now huge, swollen udders. As we flicked her nipples, she shuddered and moaned and almost screamed, "Pinch them, pull on them, milk them hard." We both took a nipple and started working the rubbery, long, nipples between our fingers as she shook, moaned, and shuddered. I looked down and saw my father transfixed with looking at the 2 hard cocks being stroked and drooling, just above his face. In fact some of our cock juice had dropped on his face and lips and he was licking his lips to taste it. He was still busy teasing and pulling on his swollen nipples. Now I knew where I got my love for nipples. Both of my parent's were nipple crazy and absolutely needed their nipples played with and they reacted accordingly by getting very nipple horny.

My mother's fingers were busy strumming her clit which was sticking out stiff and hard from her swollen cunt lips. Just under her wet cunt opening I could see my father's wet cock head and foreskin sliding back and forth as my mother slid her cunt up and down the length of his cock. Out of the fog of the situation I heard my Dad say to Rick, "I want to taste your cock." "Stick it in my mouth." I looked down to see my father turn his head and Rick slid his drooling cock into my father's mouth. My father was sucking my best friend's cock and Rick was loving it by the moans I could hear coming from him. Rick blurted out, "YES, suck my big cock.....taste it. eat my juice." Between his statement and the loud slurping sounds my father was making, it drew my mother's attention and she looked down and must have liked it because she blurted out, "Suck it, you know you want it, you want to eat his juice." My parents were definitely lost in the moment.

My father pulled his mouth off of Rick's cock and turned toward me and said, " Now you........stick it in my mouth and let me suck you." He turned his head towards me and opened his mouth. I slid my wet cock into my father's mouth and he started sucking me. My mother looked down and saw her son's cock sliding in and out of his father's mouth and just said, "OH GAWD." She lifted up, her hand left her clit and wrapped around my father's slick, wet cock and shoved it into her soaking wet cunt. She started bouncing up and down on his big cock and took her nipples in her own hands and started milking them hard. My free hands went to Rick's nipples and I started teasing them as he stroked his cock over my father's cocksucking face. My father's mouth was sliding up and down on my cock and my mother was bouncing up and down on my Dad's slick cock.

My father took his mouth off my cock to say, "OK, I need to fuck your mother good now, so move out of the way." as he pointed towards the head of the bed. We both moved to the head of the bed where we could get into a 69 and suck each other, work each other's nipples, and watch my Dad fuck the hell out of my mother. My father wrapped his arms around my mom, lifted her and flipped her on her back on the bed. He stepped between her spread legs and drove his huge, fat cock all the way into her soaked cunt. He started pumping in and out of her as he grabbed both his nipples and pulled and pinched on them hard. My mother cupped her big tits and thumbed her rock hard nipples as both her and my father were breathing heavy and she was whimpering as he pounded her. Rick and I were busy sucking each other's cocks and teasing each other's nipples as we watched the wild fuck scene of my parent's It wasn't long before cock juice was squirting in mouths and a horny wet cunt. As we all started to wind down, nothing was said, but everyone was happy and smiling. I guess the family that fucks together, stays together. What do we do now?........

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