Living The New Normal  

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9/10/2017 6:54 pm
Living The New Normal

Things had become pretty routine, if you can call what I was living in my family anywhere near routine or normal. There always seemed to be a sexual tension in the house. You'd think with all the teasing and fucking going on, everyone would be too tired and worn out for sexual tension. But when you live with voyeurs and exhibitionists, they always have a need to indulge their desires in those areas. I had become used to always expecting to be watched or seeing someone naked or doing something sexually suggestive. I was so used to it, that I never bothered to close my bedroom door anymore. It didn't matter because my voyeur mother and father would open the door and see what was going on if they thought there would be something interesting to watch.

As I had mentioned quite a bit in earlier entries, I now had an interest in restroom sex and the men who loved and indulged in it. Since my introduction to it by my best friend Rick, by way of explaining and discussing his father Al's fetish for man sex in rest stops and men's restrooms, I had liked to look at magazines that portrayed that kind of action. I really couldn't get a hold of such graphic magazines. They weren't really something you leave laying around. Because Rick knew of my interest in his father and his fetish, and Al was on the road all the time and visiting Adult bookstores where he bought and collected quite a stash of such special interest magazines, Rick would go through his stash in the "party" room and also the sleeper of his truck and bring me several magazines for me to keep for reference. I now had quite a collection, which I left in a stack next to the head of my bed. No reason to hide them. My snoopy parents would find them if I did. Besides, they were easy to get to and I liked to lay in bed and look through them at night when I got that itch.

I rolled over on my bed and looked at the stack. I always left my favorite "REST STOP MEN" on top of the stack and it wasn't there. That meant someone was at least going through my magazines. I couldn't imagine it would be my mother. Could it be my father? As far as I knew, The only man to man contact my father had that I know of was me and him playing with each other's nipples and jacking off together and the time Rick sucked him off while I was fucking Rick. Could my father be exploring a deeper involvement with men. It would be interesting to find out.

It was getting late and I was sleepy. I tuned off the light and drifted off to sleep. It felt so good. To feel that warm mouth sliding up and down my throbbing cock, swirling the tongue around the head, I'm sure it was my big Al. I suddenly realized I was dreaming and I opened my eyes to the window lit room and saw my father on his knees next to the bed, his cock hard and wet at the head, stroking it while his mouth was sliding up and down my wet, shiny cock. My father was sucking my cock and it felt really good. I humped my hips up towards his mouth and he moaned and started stroking his cock faster. I could see his foreskin sliding up and back over his cock juice wet head. I reached out and pulled his head off my cock and he looked at me with disappointment in his eyes. I asked him, "Why?" He answered, "I am so horny for cock." "Ever since Rick sucked me off when you were fucking him, something clicked in me and I've been meeting Rick for him to suck me a couple times a week." "But now, I want more.........I want to stroke and suck cock, eat cum, and maybe fuck and be fucked by a man." He said while he was with Rick he told me a little about some of the things his father liked doing. My father didn't understand so Rick told him about my stash of magazines that show his father's interests. My father said he started looking through the magazines and got so hard and horny that he was jacking off several times a day thinking about what he was seeing. My father asked me if Rick's father really did those things. I told him that he did and I had seen him. My father asked me if it turned me on and made me horny. I told him very much and I dreamed about it all the time. I don't think he was ready for me to tell him that I had sucked and fucked with Al yet.

We were both getting so turned on taking about this that both of our cocks now had a string of cock juice dripping off them. My father asked me what I saw Rick's Dad doing in the restroom. I knew of a pic in "MEN'S ROOM ORGY" that showed pretty much the 3 way action that happened between Rick's Dad and 2 other men. I reached and turned on the blue light next to my bed and leaned over and thumbed through the pile until I came to the right one. I knew right where it was in the mag, because I had fantasized and thought about it so much looking at that image. I told my Dad that a picture is worth a thousand words and flipped the open magazine on the bed next to my twitching and drooling cock. My father looked at the image and just moaned and said, "That looks so hot" "What did you do while watching them" I told my father that I got naked and stood outside the stall and stroked my cock and played with my nipples until Rick's Dad saw me and smiled and wagged his tongue at me. I got scared and left after that, but the experience haunted me for weeks afterward.

My father looked at me with a pleading look and said, "Please can I suck you off and eat your cum." "I need to know what it's like." I pulled my father up and pulled his cock towards me saying, "Only if I can suck you off and eat your cum too." He climbed on top of me and hung his big uncut, dripping cock over my face as I felt his mouth close around my cock. I took his cock head in my mouth and ran my tongue under his foreskin and then swiped it across the head before taking most of his cock in my mouth. I went to work sucking him and he sucking me. Something was missing. I pushed my father onto his side and never lost either cock. I reached up and started working my father's big, dark knob nipples and soon after he had reached for my long, stiff nipples. We grunted and groaned, sucked and pinched until both of us were humping our cocks in each others mouths, finally both of us letting loose with a spray of cock juice for each other to eat. When it was all done and we were both drained. my father got off the bed, took the open magazine, looked at the image I showed him, and said, "This was all really hot.........I want more." With that, he patted my leg and head off down the hall back to his bedroom next to my mother. Now my father was into cock and has become a cocksucker. How much farther does he want to go...........

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