The Proposition  

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9/18/2017 7:30 pm
The Proposition

After my talk with my Dad, we seemed to have become comfortable with each other. He didn't fault me for the things I did, and I didn't fault him for what he had been doing or now liked to do. We both had developed a fascination with Restroom sex, him, more the participant, me, more the voyeur, although if excited enough, I'd play too. A calm had settled over my world over the past week and I enjoyed it. Besides studying, it allowed me to catch up on all the smut material that Rick kept bringing me, telling me each time that his father said Hello and to not be a stranger. I just needed to work through all that I had learned about Al, his desires and fetishes before I would be comfortable around him.

As I laid on my bed, thumbing through "ETHNIC MEN" for the first time on my own, i could see why my Dad and mother were attracted to the magazine. It was packed full of hot men of African American, Latin, Indian, and Asian heritage. I was strongly attracted to the Latin men, but after my Dad telling me about his 3 way with Al and Ron, the Black friend bodybuilder of Al's, I was taking a close look at all the hot Black men, their nice dark skin and mostly huge cocks. I was starting to get hot, when I heard a knock, knock on the door frame of my open bedroom door. I looked up to see my mother standing in the doorway smiling, wearing a short silky, thin robe open in the front. I could see the deep valley between her big tits, and the smooth lips of her cunt. As always, her huge nipples were poking out the material of the robe like they were trying to escape. After her teasing smile, she told me that Rick was on the phone for me and I could take it in her bedroom or the kitchen. I decided the kitchen for some privacy. I got off the bed, grabbed some jeans and put them on, tucking my semi hard cock down the leg, all while my mother stood there watching.

I picked up the phone off the counter and told Rick Hello and that I hadn't seen him for a while. He said he had been working a lot and with his other commitments, he didn't have much time lately. I didn't ask what the other commitments were, but I could guess knowing Rick, his family, and what he and they were doing, he was probably right. He said he had a favor to ask me. I told him to go for it. He said his parents would like to talk to me about something. I was really curious as to what they could possibly want to talk to me about. Rick said he didn't know but would ask me if I'd come over and talk to them. I told him I would for him and asked when did they want me to come over. He said tomorrow after I got out of school. I told him to tell them I'd be there between 3:00 and 3:30. He said he really appreciated my willingness to do this and said we needed to hang out soon. I agreed and told him not to work too hard. He laughed and said never, just hardly enough and we hung up.

The next day at school, I was constantly thinking about my after school meeting with Rick's parents. I could understand meeting with Al, but Rick's mother, Marta, I'd only seen and talked to a handful of times. She was the kind of woman you would expect Al to be married to and be the mother of 3 hot, handsome young men. From what I could remember, Marta always seemed to be in the background and quiet. She was a beautiful Latin woman with a very fit body for a mother of 3. I suppose she had to take care of herself to keep up with Al the bodybuilder. My curiosity was driving me crazy and taking over my thoughts throughout the day.

Finally 2:45 got here and I was out and on my way to Rick's house. As I walked out of the school, there was Rick sitting leaning against his motorcycle waiting. He waved me over and told me he would give me a ride to his house on his way to work at the gas station. I got on his motorcycle with him and we headed off towards his house. As we got to his house and he stopped the motorcycle for me to get off, he looked at me and told me to listen, but I didn't have to do anything I didn't want to, especially for him. He nodded toward the house and took off down the street to work.

Now I was concerned and had the feeling Rick knew what this was all about. The only way I'll know is to go listen and talk to them. I walked up the driveway and knocked on the front door. It was a little after 3:00 so I was on time. I heard someone coming to the door. The knob turned, the door opened and there in a short, white, terrycloth robe stood Al. His huge muscular body looked like it wanted to jump out of the robe. He was showing a deeper cleavage than most women would. He smiled and said he had just got out of the shower, to come in and sit down. I entered their living room and sat in the overstuffed chair where the last interaction with Al started. I couldn't help but think of it as it was still rated the hottest experience I've had up to this point in my life. I felt a stirring on my chest and in my jeans as I realized Al was naked under the robe.

Al sat on the overstuffed leather couch across from me and the first thing he said was, "Relax, you haven't done anything wrong." He then started in by telling me that he and Marta had talked to Rick about me. I looked at him in both shock and fear, but he immediately said that Rick didn't tell them anything bad, in fact they liked what they heard, even were very interested in what they heard. Now I was really curious. Al said that Rick had told them that I had a sexual relationship with my mother and father and that he had even been involved in some of it. Al said that after pushing Rick really hard for details, he relented and told them graphic details of at least the things he was involved in, including fucking and being fucked by me, sucking my Dad, and watching my mother play with herself in front of us. Al wanted to know more from me about what my relationship was with my parents. I didn't know how to say it other than the real truth. I told Al I had been sucking and fucking with my mother for about 3 months anytime she wanted to. She had teased me and finally initiated the involvement. I had only been involved with my Dad for a little over a month and we had just fucked recently.

Looking at me with a big grin on his face, Al said, "That's perfect." I wondered what he meant and was sure I would find out. While we had been talking, Al had been slowly untying his robe and pulling it open. More and more of his huge muscular chest was showing, and as he shifted on the couch to face directly at me, his legs opened up and I could clearly see his monster cock laying between his legs. His foreskin was pulled back far enough that I could just see the slit of his cock head, wet with cock juice bubbles on the slit. He saw me looking at it and said, "You remember our fun together, don't you?" "I'm thinking about it and it's starting to get me hot." He blurted out the next question while I was still stunned by what I was seeing. "Do you like sucking and fucking with your mother and father?" Caught off guard, my true feelings came out in my answer, "YES I do.....I like having sex with them....."

Al knew what he was doing. My head was reeling from seeing him tease me and my body was reacting. My nipples were stiff and tingling, my cock hard and uncomfortable in my jeans. He knew he had me and suggested I get comfortable. To make it more tempting under the guise of being comfortable, Al finished untying his robe and pulled it wide open to show off his smooth muscular body. I could tell that the teasing was getting to him as much as me because his huge cock was thickening and stretching out, more of the head showing under the foreskin. His dark puffy "gyno" nipples looked swollen and hard. He looked at me and said, "Get comfortable and we will continue to talk."

I couldn't resist this man. I obliged him and stripped out of my clothes and sat naked and hard in the chair, my cock twitching, my nipples aching. Al looked at me and said, "Your nipples look really hard and big." "I know you love them played with." Rick told me your mother has huge nipples and loves hers played with too. He also said your father has big nipples and loves them played with. "Do you all play with each other's nipples when you have sex?" I told Al that my families attraction to each other had a lot to do with loving nipple play and having big nipples. He looked right into my eyes and reached up and pinched both of his puffy swollen nipples and that white translucent liquid appeared on each nipple. "Do you like my big nipples?" he said. All I could do was nod my head yes. He kept pinching them and more liquid oozed out and said to me, "You can touch your nipples......pinch them for me." I reached up and grabbed both my very stiff nipples and pinched them hard, making me moan.

While we were sitting there naked in front of each other, playing with our nipples, Al said he and Marta had a proposition for me. They wanted me to pleasure them like I did with my parents when they needed it. He said their boys had been doing it, but they are getting so busy and grown up that they don't have much time for that anymore. Rick had mentioned that his parents made then take part in some of their party activities, but never said anything specific. Now I was getting an idea of what was involved. With that Al called to Marta who must have been in the bathroom or bedroom.

Marta came into the room from the hall wearing a matching white terrycloth robe. I could tell she was naked underneath. She came and stood in the middle of the room and looked at me and smiled and said hello. I felt really uncomfortable sitting there naked and obviously horny in front of her. She looked at my body up and down and smiled. She looked at Al who was now semi hard with his monster cock sticking straight out with cock juice drooling off the end and said, "Does he want to......will he?" Al looked at me and said, "Do you want to........will you?" I just looked at both of them and had a confused look on my face. Al said, "Maybe he wants to see more of what we have to offer", and stood up dropping his robe on the couch, walked to behind Marta and put his hands on the tie to her robe.

Al while looking at me, untied the robe and pulled it open. Under the robe was Marta's really hot, dark skinned Latin body. She had long black hair down to the middle of her back. Her face was of a beautiful Latin woman with dark piercing brown eyes like all the Burke men and full puffy lips. Her tits were big with very dark, almost black aureoles almost 2 inches wide, with at least 3/4 inch stiff nipples sticking out. Her stomach was flat and taught unlike most women who had birthed 3 , which told me she worked out like the rest of the family. Below the flat belly was a small patch of black hair just above swollen, smooth, dark cunt lips with her clit looking swollen and sticking out. Her cunt lips and clit glistened in the light of the room from the juice on them.

Al pulled the robe off her shoulders and threw it on the couch. They were both now naked in front of me, obviously turned on by the look of Al's stiff cock and the juice on her cunt. As she stood there, her nipples got even harder and longer. Al walked both of them up to right in front of me and the smell coming off both of them was overpowering. Between the hot cunt smell and the hot man smell, my head was feeling fuzzy and all I could think about was sex. Al looked at me at said, "Lean forward and smell how hot her cunt is for you." He cupped her big tits and flicked her nipples and said, "She even has big, hard, Latin nipples to play with and suck on." "Taste that hot cunt." "Take a lick of it.....flick her clit with your tongue." I obeyed Al and felt Marta push her cunt against my face and moan as I licked her slit and flicked her clit.

As Al massaged Marta's big tits and pulled on her nipples and I licked her cunt up and down and kept flicking my tongue over her clit, Al was talking to me, saying how much Marta loved to be fucked by young men, to have her cunt licked and her nipples sucked on. Al stepped a little to the side of Marta and pushed his now rock hard monster cock towards me saying, "See how horny I get seeing my wife pleasured." "Will you pleasure her for me while I watch?" I was may beyond the point of saying no for any reason. I said, "Yes, I'll pleasure her anytime you want." Al grabbed his cock stroking the foreskin back and forth and said, "I want you to fuck her now......slide your cock in her and suck on her big nipples." Al laid Marta down in the middle of the living room and stood at her head saying, "Fuck her, fuck her for me now."

I came off the chair and got on my knees in between her legs, looking first at her hot, wet, cunt and next at Al who was now stroking his big cock. I grabbed my cock and put the head against her wet lips and started rubbing it up and down her slit, stopping to tap it on her clit each time. My cock head was now dripping wet and Marta was moaning, breathing hard, trashing her head back and forth and cupping her big tits, offering them up to be played with. I couldn't wait any longer and found the place on her slit where the entrance to that hot, wet cunt was and pushed my cock into her. She let out a loud moan and said her first real statement, "YES, fuck me, fuck me please hard." I started pumping in and out of her and leaned forward to her cupped tits and flicked each nipple with my tongue. That caused her to thrust her tits up at me and moan, "Suck, suck." I took one big dark nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it like a baby. She took her hand and held my head to her nipple, only letting go to let me switch nipples and suck the other one. Marta was a nipple pig and we had a connection in that way.

I must have been fucking her and sucking her nipples for at least 10 minutes when I felt something wet hitting on my back. I took my mouth off of Marta's now swollen black nipples and looked up. Al was stroking his drooling cock and the wet was his cock juice dripping on my back. He saw me looking up and pointed his wet drooling head at me and said, "Lick it......taste my juice, suck the head." I couldn't resist Al's big snake of a cock. I swiped my tongue over the head and collected as much of his cock juice as my tongue would hold and gobbled it down. I took the head of his thick, fat cock in my mouth and sucked on it. He was loving it and his other hand was going from one swollen nipple to another pulling on them. They were actually slick and wet from his leaking from his nipples. Marta was watching me attacking his big cock and was pulling on her nipples as she fucked her cunt against me. The 3 of us were lost in the lust of the situation. I took my mouth off of Al and needed to go back to Marta's big black nipples. As I took the nipple into my mouth she wrapped her legs around my ass and started pulling me hard into her cunt. That must have triggered Al, because the next thing I felt was a shower of cock juice hit from my upper back to my ass. Next I felt Marta's hot cunt start to spasm and she screamed as she went off. Her gripping and spasms of her cunt acted like milking my cock and I blasted into her with my cock juice. It was like a dream and I came down by laying my head on her big tits and just resting for a few minutes. I could feel Al shaking off the last of his cock juice on my back and he collapsed on the couch. Marta rubbed my head while I laid on her tits and I finally lifted my head and looked at her. She lifted her head towards me and kissed me on the lips saying in whispered words, "Thank you."

I slowly lifted myself off and out of her and back to my knees where I looked at the beautiful Latin woman, body all shiny with sweat, her nipples still swollen and sticking up. I heard Al say in the background, "Does this mean you accept our proposition?" I looked at both of these hot, Latin sex machines and said, "How can I resist?" It's a proposition too good to resist. Did I say I have a weakness for Latins............I did and I do..............

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