I could feel her tongue in my ear...  

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10/22/2016 3:49 am
I could feel her tongue in my ear...

She was breathing hard on me. I could feel her hands going down the back of my pants and over my ass. I turned the lights down low from my computer. She pulled my chair closer to her's. I put my leg over her leg. Her lips started to wander over my face and neck. Suddenly, her tongue was in my mouth. I could feel myself getting excited. Classic rock was the background this time. Diamondhead and Uriah Heep. Last time we met, it was Slipknot and she drove me off the edge quite intentionally. I wanted her to have more pleasure for herself this time. We lay down together and caressed for a time. I found my mouth against her nipple. Eager to please, I warmed one nipple with my tongue and stroke the other with my fingers. She redirected my hand to other regions and my long fingers slid against her wetness. I eased into her with my fingers and brought the juices to her magic button. She was super erogenous and very vocal for this. I was able to reach all the correct spots. I could feel her ecstasy. Then, pushing away, she had me on my back. She got down between my legs and did something that had me squirming. She was licking the crease between my leg and my package. It was crazy sexy. Then she got up on me and took me all the way in. Suddenly, no blood left in my brain. Wow, she is gonna try to make me lose control again. But not this time. I push her shoulders back and tell her that it is her turn this time. We rearrange to allow me to apply maximum tongue to the requisite areas. I can hear her moan. I can taste her juices. This turns me on a lot. I'm ready to cut diamonds. I turn around and enter her softness. I requires some effort, but I can feel her juices running down me, easing the intersection. I'm primed, it is so hard to maintain control. Cum with me, I tell her. I want to feel you clenching me, cumming on me. She goes over the edge. I follow her. So intense. Nothing makes pleasure better like giving it at the same time you are receiving it.

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