Respect couples who play  

OralGino 50M  
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2/22/2019 8:58 am
Respect couples who play

On a recent visit to Ambassador theater, a couple came in and was checking out the layout. I always sit back say hi and LEAVE THEM ALONE! If they’re remotely interested in you joining them you will get an invite over. Some guys don’t get the hint. A guy walks over behind them with cock out and reaches for your tits. She was pulling back and her guy got mad. This guy continued to reach and they left. After being in places like these with my fwb’s And as an observer, just relax and wait. Usually when they get comfortable it’s Game on. Good things cum to those who wait.

Brooklyn112202 64M
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4/20/2019 8:42 am

so true Tha ambassador har a lot of cpls

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