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7/23/2017 12:43 am
About Bryant

Bryant is the only one whom I've met on Meelp who can become a real FWB. When I first saw Bryant's pics, I thought he looked mild manner with a nice cock. After the cycle of flakes I've had recently, I was getting to the point of being extremely backed up with the heat getting me all worked up. Normally I talk to 1-2 guys a day which frizzles into nothing after a a day or two. However with as summer heat cranking up I each day with nothing looking good I went from 1-2 guys to 10 a day which yield very little results. The guys I've chatted with ended up with guys without a word or weird excuses. I had a guy who text me the night before we were suppose to meet to say he's not into having sex anymore or Meelp for that matter but I still see him on Meelp after that text. Whatever, I'm digressing. My point was I was back up with two weeks of flakes and a bad meet. I guess Bryant chatted with me at the right time and he was pretty chill about the whole thing. Everything about arranging a meet seemed effortless so I did end up meeting with him this Friday near his workplace and would be easy for me to get to and if I want we can get this his place easily should we decide to move forward. Like I said I was backed up.

I was a little late due to some silly stuff that happen when I was leaving to meet Bryant. I texted him to know I was running late. When I showed up I didn't recognized Bryant at first. I had to do a second look around before I saw him. I knew that I would have sex with Bryant when I met him. Something about meeting him in person seemed to clicked sexually. For such a mild mannered looking guy, he's kinda daring. We moved to a corner of the bar where we chatted for a bit like friends meeting for the first time waiting for the the waitstaff to come get our drinks. It was a while and I was getting thirsty coming out from the heat. I told Bryant I was thirsty and he went up to get me a drink. Just as he went up to the bar, finally the hostess came with the drink menu. Bryant came back and we order out drinks. As we waited for our drinks, Bryant changed the subject to what we were both looking for on Meelp. I think we kinda figured out we're on the same page on a lot of things regarding what we're looking for on Meelp. During some point in our conversation, Bryant got touchy felt with me. He went as far as trying to finger my pussy from the back but couldn't which lead to him poking my ass more that my pussy. It was not a pleasant feeling. At one point he grabbed his beer and his napkin fell down so I bent down to pick it up giving him better access to reach deeper to my pussy. He did but when I sat back up he was on my ass again. I move so he on more on my tailbone. At some point I moved closer to Bryant and he moved my hand to his lap where I can feel his ever growing hard cock. I started to massage his cock harder and harder through his jeans when I felt it throbbing under my hand stroking him. I was getting wet from us giving each other hand jobs. At this point the bar was getting packed. Not sure how many people can see us or watching us. But I know the couple who were sitting next to us must have know because they moved to the opposite corner of the booth corner. I'm not sure if it's because they were uncomfortable on a first date or moving to get a better look at us. We finished our drinks and wrap this up. Bryant asked if I wanted to go back to his place and I said sure. Forgetting that Bryant said he had plans with his friends later. Bryant got us an Uber back to his place.

When we got to Bryant's place it was cool because the AC was on. His room however was hot. I think the heat only made me extra horny to fuck. Once we got into his room, we started ton. make out and Bryant pushed me onto his bed. I wanted to stripe and have him work on my pussy because I was horny as fuck. Bryant started to undress me but I can tell he didn't know how to get my dress off. I told him the zipper is in the back. Once the zipper was down, I took of everything as laid it on the side of his bed. He was naked by the time I was. He asked me if I wanted his cock in me. Normally I like a lot of foreplay before fucking but I can tell Bryant wants to fuck. I was just heated up and horny to say yes. Bryant got a condom from the draw. Put it on and when he entered me, it felt glorious. I think he must have read my profile and blog because he was giving me the hard fuck I wanted at time. He had my leg pinned back and was pounding into my pussy really deep and hard. He kept fucking me until I had my first orgasm. We worked up a glistening sweat. Bryant can really give a nice hard deep fuck. My pussy was getting such a nice rough pounding that I love. He sucked mt nipples and not them hard. It hurt a little but felt really good too. Next time I need to tell him less teeth if I can get my mind to work with his mind blowing fucking. We were dripping at this point. After giving me a second orgasm, I climb in top of him to give him a rough ride. I was working up a dripping sweat and thirst. I would have rode him longer but it made me thirsty and I needed water. I asked Bryant for water but didn't get it because he was into fucking me. He rolled me into the side to fuck me scissoring. Bryant likes kissing but I'm not sure he's into my deep kisses. I like this position because I can reach for his cock and cock to massage and stroke in this position. At one point I had his balls and cock squeezed tight stroke when he was fucking me. I love this move because it got Bryant rock hard and drilling into my pussy harder. It felt really hot when he was fucking me like this. I came hard again. I was shaking from his hard fucking orgasm. I was on my back hanging off the bed with Bryant gave me my last orgasm for the night. I think he worked up a thirst but he didn't come. Which was disappointing to me.

He went to get water after we stopped. After we peed and drank out water we got dressed because Bryant said he had to meet his friends. I can tell he was late and his friends were on his case about it. Not sure what he told them. We took the train together and parted ways. Bryant gave me 4 orgasms and my voice was hoarse from it. He definitely knows how to work that cock the way I like it. We'll see if there's other things he's good at should we meet up again...

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