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4/7/2017 7:23 am
About Frederik

Fjord had been asking me to meet him for a long while that I decided to meet him out of curiousity. I didn't know if he was milquetoast or not. He had a really nice body but there's nothing about his face that I found sexually exciting. It isn't that he's an ugly guy but there's nothing that screams sex at all to me. But I wanted to see if in person he was at all exciting. We decided to lmeet at a local by near me. I was the first person to show up. When he shows up he look even more milquey than in his pics. After talking to him whatever interest I might have had vanish. His pipsqueaky voice was kind of grating to me. He asked a lot of personal questions which made it feel like a romantic date than a meet and greet for sex. Kinda off putting for me. What completely turn me off was the fact that he thought a girl became clingy because he had sex with her than didn't text her for a week except to ask her to meet for a booty call. I find that this is typical behavior of guys who want to keep things casual. They don't know how to keep it friendly and not make it into a book call hookup. He seemed surprised when I told him my views of FWB. But I thought I was clear in my profile about how to be a FWB. It's not a NSA fuck buddy. I'm not sure if they had clear up what kind of relationship they want before meeting up to fuck. Anyway, the meeting went pretty much what I thought. No chemistry on my end and I'm sure he's more interested than I am. I ended contact with him since I have no sexual attraction to him. I think I was listing after Steen the whole time I was chatting with Frederik.

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