Organic1971_MILF 32F  
23 posts
9/17/2017 11:49 pm

Want to win your way into my heart? Or into my panties? Take me to a CUBS game! Good seats! And Im yours! LOL

Any other HUGE Cub fans here?? I love this time of year. Magical. Cant wait for this week!!!

Go Cubs!!

marriedcretin 49M
1326 posts
9/19/2017 6:04 am

oh yeah, small fluffy animals are really cute...fawns are nice too and kittens, even puppies I guess. I'm not really a dog person...

wait? this is sport thing? it it this wearing big shoulder pads and throwing a rugby ball kind or the wearing your pajamas while wielding a bat kind?

CuriousCpl6774 51M/45F  
136 posts
9/20/2017 4:58 pm

We are HUGE Cubs fans too! We sent you a picture from the Hall of Fame you might like.

We're happy to talk Cubs baseball with you anytime!!

needingfun19 38M

9/22/2017 8:31 am

Want to go to a playoff game?

urbucketlist 62M  
20 posts
10/8/2017 6:12 pm

If I wasn't already a cub fan. You would be a good reason to become one .

jacksrevenge78 41M
222 posts
10/11/2017 8:23 pm

Huge fan! Today's game was a killer. Had family members at the game, and it made me wish I were there even with the wind and rain.

SchaumburgBadger 46M

10/20/2017 7:17 pm

Season ticket holder, let's go next year...

dotdash1961 58M  
162 posts
11/14/2017 12:40 pm

just a wild guess here, lots and lots of offers for Cubs games are in your future!

3 posts
11/22/2017 7:14 am


tongue4u2695 52M  
13 posts
12/6/2017 6:30 am

I rooted for the team you guys beat last year in the WS, but glad no more jinx for your team - Cubs fans were great at our home games during the series....

dotdash1961 58M  
162 posts
12/12/2017 7:10 am

whats that old joke? lets go to Wrigley Field, I will kiss you on the strikes and you kiss me on the balls

Story435 71M
2753 posts
1/28/2018 6:40 am

You are very sweet looking lady love to go to see the Cubs!

rgvg2017 61M
12 posts
3/5/2018 8:00 am

Hi Goddess & TY 4 the Friending. I was raised in Catholic Orphanage & they even tried 2 recruit me 4 Maryknoll These religions r "ALL" big on SHAMING U 2 CONTROL U. As Far as Ur Personage,. I wld be more than happy 2 take U 2 game. We can even use my face as ur seat knowing how Xcited U r about team. That shld make U nice & Wet N JUICY! YUM YUM Mwuah Robert rgvg58 on Y or KIK. soooo KIK me

Yo_Hollywooood 29M  
11 posts
4/7/2018 1:56 pm

Huge fan !!! Can’t wait to play again !!!

rgvg2017 61M
12 posts
4/26/2018 8:08 am

Hey there Goddess! Can we use my face as ur seat @ the game?Mwuah!!!

1goldenboy64 55M
86 posts
4/30/2018 4:04 pm

both a fan of the cubs and of you. your pics are gorgeous to view. wish you were on more often. hope to chat with u sometime....go cubbies!

Elcorneador357 30M
1 post
10/17/2018 11:06 am

Te mando un kizzzz

robertcooper2487 35M
3 posts
11/5/2018 7:18 pm

I am a fan chicago fan in general but overall im a white sox fan

FreakDaddy45622 51M
7 posts
7/9/2019 2:19 pm

Also a huge Cubbies Fan!!!

JustPassingBy25 28M
2 posts
7/12/2019 4:44 pm

Thanks for the flirt! I'm a free account. Change my number 1991 and contact on gmail if you're interested.

JustPassingBy25 28M
2 posts
7/23/2019 6:32 am

PS that means justpassingby1991 on gmail. Don't be a stranger!

Inshapephd 48M  
1 post
7/29/2019 10:49 am

When do you want to go?

lectriccpl11 69M/67F  
2 posts
8/8/2019 6:10 pm

I took my family to a cub game against the Pirates on July 14. It was a great time. wish you could have joined us there. Marvin

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