Known Useful Tips to Make a Great LOVE..  

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6/20/2017 11:19 pm
Known Useful Tips to Make a Great LOVE..

Use your penis head to rub along the length of the vagina up and down from the opening to the clitoris at a speed of about 2 seconds each for the up & down.

This is best done from the back, or doggy position because you can, depending on the type of erection you have, do this hands free, but if you must use your hands, this is normal too.

Do this for as long as you can, until she is begging you to enter her, then push only the head in the opening, back out & in only the head, letting her feel the delicious feeling of the initial penetration over & over.

Then repeat the Technique pull out & slide the head up & down the outside up to her clitoris & repeat for a while,then return to the penetration, but this time go a little deeper but not past 2 inches.

Stay in control no matter what she says, no matter how she begs, you must be the master of the session. She will thank you later Guaranteed !!

Slowly increase your depth until you are all the way inside of her as if digging a hole a bit at a time, then when you reach all the way to the hilt, alternate shallow strokes with deep & S.B. & move to a slightly faster speed as you feel her excitement building.
Don't forget your Climax control skills. ...vviijjaayyaan at gm

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