The more the merrier???  

Playfulcats2 54M/53F   
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7/8/2016 5:40 pm
The more the merrier???

Seriously I don't believe that a person should have just one sexual partner through life.

I think monogamy was created by religious parties and "women as a whole" or "guys but for women only" hahaha

How could we have created India or China or even USA just by Adam and Eve?

I have been monogamous all my life but if the sanctity of marriage vows allow us to love our neighbours, who knows?

We have discussed the time of having sex and the frequency of sex. We haven't spoke about the quality of a single partner or the excitement of multiple partners

Tell me your thoughts.
I believe in having a single partner and learning about someone is a lifelong process
Two is just great, at least adding an alternative during down times.
One for every day of the week. I need more variety
I like one night stands, I seldom do the same person again
Ménage à Trois works for me when I am the single gender.
Ménage à Trois and it's a treat for my partner.
An orgy where I can beat my last record

sphxdiver 68M  
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7/8/2016 5:44 pm

It's supposed to be, meet one person, marry and that's it.

But in today's world, it's really hard to do anymore it seems.

Playfulcats2 replies on 7/9/2016 3:52 am:
It gets harder when the other party stops wanting or cannot have sex too...

oldtar69 62M
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7/8/2016 5:51 pm

I am easy going, if she want just me fine. If she want a threesome, That is okay with me. But if she wants an orgy, well she is the one to plan it. She plans all parties, I just help clean up the mess afterward.

You have to be a dirty young man, before you can become a dirty old one!

Playfulcats2 replies on 7/9/2016 3:54 am:
you are the easy going one yeah? But always rising up to the occasion...

bamaman359 58M
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7/8/2016 6:04 pm

I agree with u the more the marrier

Playfulcats2 replies on 7/9/2016 3:55 am:
If only there are no STDs or Aids in the world

notsure1949 69M
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7/11/2016 3:16 pm

have had one night stands that went from two days to a year with different people

Playfulcats2 replies on 7/12/2016 4:47 pm:
so it's still better with the same person built up over a year?

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