Cool air and hot coffee  

Prof10001 58M  
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7/23/2016 4:57 am

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7/24/2016 7:08 pm

Cool air and hot coffee

Ahhhh, Saturday. I'm sitting on the deck. Coffee is at hand. Puppy is racing after chipmunks. Lawn needs to be mowed but can wait until the dew dries. Tomatoes in the pots beginning to turn red.

Nice start to the day.

author51 55F  
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7/24/2016 2:37 am

sounds perfect.My tomatoes are almost ready as well...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

Prof10001 replies on 7/24/2016 4:27 am:
I've no doubt your tomatoes are nearly perfect...oh, meant...never mind.


sweet_VM 60F  
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7/24/2016 11:04 am

Sounds like a great day there! hugsssssss V Enjoy your coffee!

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