More T&A, uhm, Q&A  

Prof10001 59M
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4/18/2017 4:04 am

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More T&A, uhm, Q&A

Q - What do you call a women that wants sex as much as you do ?
A - A dream.

Q - How does James Bond like his pussy ?
A - Shaven not furred.

Q - How are men are like bagpipes ?
A - You won't get anything unless you blow them first.

Q - What's the difference between a penis and a prick ?
A - A penis is fun, sexy and satisfying....
A prick is the guy who owns it.

Prof10001 59M
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4/18/2017 4:05 am

I pun, therefore I am.

goodatpoetry2 69M
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4/18/2017 4:15 am

Good ones!

pocogato12 67F  
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4/18/2017 4:30 am

Clever man, you just made my T uesday

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SassyGigi 54F  
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4/18/2017 7:04 am

Speaking of T&A...the company I work for has a position called T&A. I was first hired for that role. It's the Time and Attendance clerk. I often wonder if I'm the only one who thinks it's funny that we don't even blink when we refer to the T&A clerk!


author51 56F
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4/18/2017 7:40 am

I have been known as many men's dream woman you know... wink,wink,nudge, jokes once again have my stomach hurting from laughing.Too funny...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

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