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9/30/2017 8:05 pm

Work was OK but nothing else went as planned at least I get free time for a little but now though and I caught morning and night pretty pics. I also caught a bunny in action. Dogs think you can't see them when you're behind a camera rabbits do to? All I had to do was be still and get more pics. Only two nights off but this week is planned mostly with one but Mon in between jobs play after work meet at restaurant. Tues girl play. We in between jobs with same as non. Thurs night same as Wed. Fri quiet. One is still recovering this was his second week out of hospital. One is out of town this week. Tues has been around before and fun. Mon night unsure about that. Hope I have more nights free next week but the out of town one is on my shit list at the moment so he can bite me. He might find himself replaced by hotter and younger because he was the hottest and youngest at 37. Had work, spent afternoon with grandmother, then home with my picking at me. I need to sneak my wine coolers in the house and bring the water in. Oh on Thurs I was asked about going to club so he still wants to go with me and he's experienced it should be fun. Did you know you can save your points and redeem 4000 for a month of gold membership once you're confirmed as real. Cool. I did that. Mon I'm hoping it's as hot as I imagine. Tues I'm hoping it's hotter than last time no talking just two naked ladies at play. The rest we will see what happens. Oh Thurs he tried the pull hair thing. Crap. I do not like those kinds of surprises. Why do they keep trying that? But Thurs was the best this week with cumming by toy, oral under me as I was in doggie position, and doggie style so yum.

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