RebelliousPeace 102F
14 posts
4/6/2017 4:12 pm

Here is why I don't get involved with married or attached men.

1 - You are cheating on your partner, I have been in those shoes and let me tell you it does not feel nice.
2 - I am not a home wrecker
3 - I do not want any drama knocking on my door or a pissed partner looking to kick my ass!
4 - Let's not forget I have needs too, just not when it's only convenient for you.

Now, if I hear it first hand from your partner, you are free to do as you please .... then we can talk.

I am for fun don't get me wrong... but a single girl does have to protect herself.
Just saying, you know.

0069friend 48M  
29 posts
5/5/2017 3:13 am

good for you !!

RebelliousPeace 102F
5 posts
9/13/2017 3:56 pm

Thank you!


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