A real man can take direction  

RickN984 68M  
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7/20/2016 8:42 pm
A real man can take direction

What do I like most about making slow passionate love to a woman? Her vocalization, Her moans and what really turns me on is when she either asks me to do something or to move my hands or tongue just so to achieve the best orgasm for her. I think it is a real turn on to know that she knows her body well enough and is not embarrassed to indicate to her lover what works best.
I think I am a pretty good lover but a little individual coaching at times helps me help her achieve na awesome orgasm
I also do not have a problem talking to my lover to get her doing exactly what works for me

mac695069 67M  
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2/18/2018 11:14 am

Communication is always important, also all one needs to do is pay attention to the one your with. They will let you know what feels good with either movement or sounds! I always pay attention and it works for me.

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