Something interesting happened  

RickN984 68M  
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7/9/2016 9:04 am
Something interesting happened

Well, I am still trying to figure this out and if I liked it or not. Last night I hooked up with a couple my age. The idea was I would play with his wife while he watched and then we would both do her. We started out with her going down on me and I just laid back, closed my eyes and enjoyed it. BUT then there were two sets of lips on my cock, licking and sucking. I must have stiffen up my body cause both of them laughed. Once I relaxed the two sets of lips were back doing their magic. Gotta tell you I enjoyed the attention and two is certainly better than one for oral.
We finished up the evening with both of the guys doing the wife swapping getting oral and giving vaginal sex . Gotta tell you it was a fun evening and everyone seemed happy and I have been invited back. Always nice to be appreciated..
I didn't address the oral from the husband and they didn't bring it up.
Interesting evening. I have to say that I could not tell her from him, and it was nice.
What now?? I think this is where communication comes into play. Do I bring it up or see if they do? Do I say Sure bring it on but don't expect me to reciprocate
Gonna have to think about this.

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