Can a straight guy like anal?  

SCcuriousjock 39M  
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9/3/2017 4:45 pm
Can a straight guy like anal?

Can a straight guy like anal? answer is yes. I know up until my divorce about 3.5 years ago I had never thought about a guy fucking my ass. Now, I used to get into ass play when I was wife fingering me when she blew me, or me fingering my own ass as I masturbated, and yes, I even bought a small dildo to use on myself when I was alone. I knew that stimulating my ass/prostate was something I enjoyed a lot.

Fast forward post divorce, opening myself up to new experiences and I decide to try the real thing......i took a real dick in my ass.

Do I seek it out now? Yes. I enjoy the fuck out of getting my ass pounded to be blunt as hell. Do I find guys sexually attractive? Not really, but I do find a big dick very exciting because I know all of the pleasure it can give me. Do I prefer it over sex with women? Yes and no. Yes when I want no strings attached orgasms, drama free sex and just want to have a physical encounter. I enjoy sex with women on a more intimate and romantic type of level.

So...yes..I do believe a man can be "straight" and still have sex with another man...whether it's getting blow jobs, or fucking a tight man hole....or as in my case, taking dick in my ass cause it feels so fucking doesn't define your sexuality, you do.

luckypuss86 32F  
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9/3/2017 9:55 pm

I think if you seek a guy on a more romantic level then no you aren't straight. But being straight isnt that straight anymore. There is no black and white when it comes to sexuality. I mean I would go with someone who cross dresses or even a Trans pre op but don't see myself with an actual woman. Can I call myself bi? Idk. Fyi Sex with women can be drama free too.

luckypuss86 32F  
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9/3/2017 10:15 pm

And another Fyi. After you post a blog comment on it so it can get noticed more. Dont know why but it works.

Yours_4A_knight 54M  
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9/3/2017 10:35 pm

You might consider thinking of yourself as being emotionally straight but sexually bi in that you are actively seeking out sex with men. Not that it really matters, but it does make it easier to short hand describe yourself to other people.

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

Gina_L07 62T
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9/4/2017 7:21 am

It is an arguement and debate that goes on and on these days. It really should not bother you either way. Just saying. Be safe. Ciao.


lyavu 46F  
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9/4/2017 8:02 am

Alot of straight guys on here do .

BiggLala 47F  
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9/4/2017 8:35 am

Can a straight guy like anal?
- You can consider yourself straight when you only engage in anal stimulation and penetration with someone of the opposite gender such as what you did with your wife. The minute you engage in sexual activity with a person of your same gender, you are not straight.

As Knight said, you're emotionally/romantically straight but sexually bi. Also as he said, it really doesn't matter. Enjoy yourself!

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SCcuriousjock 39M  
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9/8/2017 10:09 am

thanks for the comments. I am not really concerned about labels to be honest, but I guess I just don't think of men romantically or desire men like I do women, so I think of myself as straight, but I get the fact that I engage with men sexually for a need to be fulfilled makes me bi-SEXUAL.

As far as women being drama free in the sexual realm, I am sure there are plenty out there, but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet. Hit me up drama free women.

BiggLala 47F  
26449 posts
9/8/2017 2:01 pm

As for 'drama free sex'....that's an ambiguous term that really doesn't mean anything. I know what I think of when I read those words, but what I think doesn't mean a hill of beans to you. You should define what drama free sexual encounters mean to you and put it on your profile so women know exactly what situation you seek.

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Highway5949 56M  
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10/15/2017 12:10 am

Technically, you’re str8 if you are sexually and romantically attracted to just women. If you’re sexually attracted to men, but not romantically attracted, that isn’t bisexual. Bisexuality is sexually and romantically attracted to both. I like fucking both men and women, but I’m not going to get married to a man. Experts will tell you you’re str8. I think that is why I’m not attracted to gays. They are very different for me. I don't like it.

RanceSmiles 59M

2/5/2018 9:07 pm

Does it really matter what label you use. I think @SCcuriousjock did a fine job of describing what he likes, why, and what he seeks. Kudos for providing relevant info instead of a label that is far less descriptive.

biATXguy 50M  
40 posts
12/19/2018 6:17 am

I understand where you're coming from. I don't think I could ever have romantic feelings for another guy. I'm not generally attracted to the male form, but on rare occasions I have been. But I like the sex! Oh boy is it fun.

MyEvilTwinNHim 38M/49F  
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2/15/2019 7:16 pm

I just want to say thank you for your blog. More people need to be CLEAR, as bigglala stated in referring to “drama free”. My suspicion when men use this term is it really means they don’t want ANY display of emotion whatsoever!!! lol... well by nature we are emotional creatures (our hormone shifts each month don’t help) as are men too. So i 100% agree at being clear about what you are looking for upfront especially on this type of site, if you are going to find what you seek sexually! I am personally very jnterested I’m the opposite sex sexually & am interested in reversing my role & try playing the dominate doing the fucking! So if I fuck a guy with a strap on I’m straight? But if I fuck a girl, I’m gay or bi? Ok so be then I guess... either way... @sccuriousjock I am VERY INTERESTED in chatting with you more about playing with me & my partner because he wants to explore being top, as do I! 😜

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