"Funny" is in the ear of the hearer, whatever, here is another one:  

SGTRocknuts 66M
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7/15/2017 10:55 pm
"Funny" is in the ear of the hearer, whatever, here is another one:

There was a redneck feller named Jake that was sitting out on his front porch to his cabin rocking in his rockin' chair, chewing and spitting., contemplating the world's problems. He noticed his two redneck friends Amos and Andy walked up from their cabins back in the woods aways. He stood and invited them to come up on his porch and have a seat. He had two more rockers available so they sat down. Jake offered them a chaw of tobakky. "What's news Jake?" asked Andy. Jake spit a stream of juice that almost hit a bird, "Nothing, just same ol same ol." Amos said, "My wife ain't got a lick of sense..." Jake replied "why is that?" Amos proceeds to explain how his wife ain't got a lick a sense. "She went to town yesterday and bought a brand new refrigerator with an ice maker. We ain't even got runnin water." They all howled in laughter. In a few minutes ol Andy cackled out, "My wife ain't got a lick of sense neither." The other two men spoke at the same time "Oh?" Andy starts explaining his point, "My wife went to town last week and bought a gas burning kitchen stove. Hell, we don't even have a gas tank." All three broke out in loud hoots nearly swallowing their tobacco. After a few minutes Jake chimes in, "Boys, my wife takes the cake. She don't have half as much sense as" arie" one "yourn". Why that crazy gal went to town this morning and come home with big box of rubbers, and she ain't got no pecker!" All three men nearly choked again on their tobacco spit from laughing to hard without breathing.


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