The Great Common Fantasy  

SGTRocknuts 65M
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7/21/2017 12:50 am
The Great Common Fantasy

I can not remember when this fantasy took root and began to grow in my mind. It had to have started after I had reached puberty or perhaps later or else it wouldn't make any sense. Age and experience, although they do not necessarily follow hand in hand, both are related. Perhaps like me, you have fantasized if only you could go back in time to earlier in your life with the same knowledge you have now. Things would have really been different. Imagine at eight years old knowing and understanding the facts of life and how to seduce an older girl. As a normal eight year old boy you do not even understand the purpose for your dick getting hard. But if you knew all that you know now you would be getting girl pussy every time you turned around. You would definitely undergo an early puberty and with each sexual experience grow in your knowledge of sex and seduction techniques. Imagine then, by age fifteen or sixteen you have become the neighborhood gigolo. You know how to send the right subliminal signals so that women can not keep their hands off of you. You have become the enemy of every husband that works too much overtime, or must go out of town regularly on business. You know that you can keep all of his home work current for him. You begin to experience the passion of mature women whose husbands suffer from "dead pecker disease." You recognize that it is a field white to harvest ready and aching to be harvested. This scenario reminds me of a kid I envied when we were in the fifth grade. His family lived in LA when he was born. Moving to a small town in Alabama gave him the advantage of being far more advanced than the small town kids. He knew all about sex and how to get it. Since he was a good looking guy, the girls flocked around him. I thought, "Man. Does this kid's advantages never end?" He knew how to fight. He was good in every sport. He was the Fonz of our generation. All the guys wanted to be him. I guess that also was part of the common fantasy. By our senior year he had settled down with one girl. Shortly after we graduated he and his girl broke up. He got drunk and wrapped his "Road Runner" around the city bridge abutment killing him instantly.


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