To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before  

SGTRocknuts 65M
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7/21/2017 5:22 am
To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Have you ever wondered what sex would be like in space? Although no one would admit it, especially NASA it has already happened. When you put men and women together for six months it is bound to happen. Think about it for a minute, ok maybe fifteen minutes. There are certain physical laws that come into play here (no pun intended). Sir Isaac Newton said that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. When the astronauts worked outside of the ISS they were tethered so that when they used a drill or any other tool they wouldn't start flying away from the ISS. Imagine with me for a few more minutes. If a certain female and male were not tethered to an anchoring point they might inadvertently hump themselves into the lab or other work room where the other five astronauts are located. Both may need to snuggle tight and not try for the strong thrusts. The closest thing to sex in space is sex in a swimming pool. It can easily be done if the amount of thrust is reduced otherwise the resistance of the water will hinder you and create waves and splashes. People will hear all the splashing and groaning and come running to the pool thinking someone is drowning. In space everything floats that isn't secured. Ok here comes the big "O" and that spasmotic jerking. Will the ejaculation throw them both away from one another. Probably not, but if a condom is not used semen may come flying out and then float away and someone gets smacked in the face by it. So! Put some protection on that erection and then use the contents for an experiment on the mobility of sperm in space. Does space make them float funny? All kinds of weird but necessary experiments can be done. As Captain James T. Kirk is fond of saying "Steady as she goes."


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