Just don't get it !!!  

SandyTulsa 63T
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1/29/2017 11:39 am
Just don't get it !!!

i am a member of 2 popular Adult Friend sites....they are apparently " Owned " by the same people ....they Both have the same ADs and exactly the same " Format " and depending on " How Popular " your profile is they " Award " you with a " Gold " membership....one i get a " Gold " membership and have gotten it for a Very long time and the other i have only gotten it once altho the 2nd one my Profile is MUCH MUCH more popular and so i keep Hoping to Achieve " Gold " status....i now have on This ( the 2nd mentioned site ) a total of 27 msgs and STILL can not " Achieve " Gold " ....So to ALL my Friends out there ...i WILL answer your Emails as soon as i can READ them....until then iwill keep sending you the Flirts and answering those msgs that i CAN read .....Have GREAT Day !!!
Sincerely Yours
Sandy !!

Bobi_Z 59T
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1/29/2017 10:43 pm


Sorry you are having trouble with Meelp. You might want to try Fet Life.

Are you going to the Heartland TG Spring Soiree in OKC in May? I hope to be there with a KC GF.

Hope things start working out!

Kisses! Bobi

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