RIP TJ Thunder  

Sapiogurl 57F
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4/7/2017 2:53 am
RIP TJ Thunder

Our beloved local (WCSH-Portland) Meteorologist Tom Johnston was found dead last night at the age of 46. I miss you already my friend.

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cwazywabbit009 55M
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4/7/2017 2:58 am

Sorry for your loss, hugs

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Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:18 am:

IluvgreenMnM 49M  
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4/7/2017 3:15 am

this is extremely sad and unexpected news, he looked so full of life and vigor..

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:19 am:
Unfortunately his insides did not match his outsides

sex_for_fun53 66M
304 posts
4/7/2017 4:43 am

It's just shocking isn't it? When I heard that he was missing yesterday I knew it wouldn't be ending well.

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:19 am:
Indeed, I know I was shocked.

justpervin29 46M  
2578 posts
4/7/2017 4:49 am

I hadnt heard so sorry to hear

Smile - you never know who may need one
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Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:20 am:
Such a shame

pocogato12 67F  
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4/7/2017 5:47 am

That's terrible- he was so young- thanks for sharing this with the rest of the Mainers

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Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:21 am:
Of course beauty, there is a lot of us on here. xoxo

ruleher101 52M/49F
199 posts
4/7/2017 1:35 pm

this really sucks and is heart breaking

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:22 am:
Heartbreaking and so very preventable

slowrider8649 55M  
143 posts
4/7/2017 7:36 pm

I was so saddened by this news. I used to look forward to watching him, he will be missed

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:23 am:
Me too, he was part of my evening "wind down" routine.

Dave10071963 56M
482 posts
4/7/2017 10:45 pm

I am most saddened by your loss. Be well.

SlimJimJ 55M
1 post
4/20/2017 8:20 am

Well, damn...

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