Sapiogurl 57F  
5605 posts
4/7/2017 1:29 am

Please read my blog The Sapiophiles Sapiogurl

citizen4722 61M  
62740 posts
4/7/2017 12:06 pm

That one went right over my head

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:27 am:
For real Citizen or are you just messin' with me?

Dave10071963 55M
478 posts
4/7/2017 10:57 pm

Have kin in Texas, and acres for my retirement, Meteor shower? He also asks for some shampoo. Don't get it guys? You're pussies. All you need to know you can pic up you millennials, from Chuck, especially how to rightly treat a woman. So
there. Did I say too much?

Sapiogurl replies on 4/8/2017 4:29 am:
Right on! This post combines two of my favorite elements...Astronomy and Chuck Norris. I dare say the John Wayne of our generation.

PyschoLoco 56M
1524 posts
4/8/2017 11:05 am

How old is Ranger Walker now? He's on course to be doing reverse mortgage commercials any day now. He and Steven Segal should make a movie.

Standards are people too.....kinda

Dave10071963 55M
478 posts
4/8/2017 6:54 pm

Possibly the Duke's long lost son.

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