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SelflessLover068 60M
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9/8/2017 6:20 am
Friday Funny

A bus driver figures he should get a pet for company so off he goes to the pet store.
The man there recommends a talking parrot so he buys it.
Next day on the bus his first stop a couple of older ladies get on, Pay their fare and sit down.
Just after they're seated the parrot squaks and says.... "Whooooweeee is it fuckin hot in here" The driver's shocked and mumbles an apology.
Next stop it's the same thing... After a passenger gets on, Pays and sits down... Squak... "Whooooweeee is it fucking hot in here"
That night he goes back to the pet store and tells the man what happened and how he can't have this on his bus.
The man says next time the parrot does this to grab him by the legs and swing him in circles and the parrot won't do it anymore.
Next day... First stop... Passenger gets on, Pays his fare and sits down... Squak... "Whooooweeee is it fucking hot in here"... The bus driver grabs the parrot by the legs and starts to swing the parrot in circles.... The parrots squaks... "But feel that fuckin breeze.

Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrreat weekend all

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