Made to feel dirty  

Sharinrosey 27F  
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3/23/2017 11:47 pm
Made to feel dirty

I had a really strange experience last night and for the first time ever I felt really guilty about having sex with other men in front of my husband.

I have no idea why but I felt really uncomfortable being on display for my husband as he intently watched every sexual act I performed with these two guys I met a local bar and took back to the house.

My husband wasn’t expecting me to bring anyone back and I think he was a little surprised I did but as soon as I walked through the door with them he included himself in what I did almost as if he was keeping an eye on me out of a little jealously.

He came in and sat down with us in the lounge area making them feel a little nervous because before we got there they were practically fucking me in the back of the taxi but now they were a little guarded and reluctant to come near me.

I guess it was really my fault because I wasn’t expecting my husband to be home so I had to explain to these two what the situation was between us and once my husband told them himself he was okay with them being there to fuck his wife they then started to relax a bit.

I thought my husband would disappear and leave me with these two alone but he stayed and started to take control of me getting me to sit on his lap while he played with me for a bit before telling me to fuck these two guys who were just sitting there not really too sure what to do.

I went over to them and sat between them encouraging them both to touch me and although I could sense they were still a little apprehensive they both didn't hold back making me look like a complete slut in front of my husband and once they had my dress off and I was sitting between them with my legs spread with both their hands exploring my pussy I think they then realised my husband wasn’t a problem and from there they took me and quite confidently fucked me right there on the couch with my husband only meters away watching every moment of them satisfying his wife.

I think it was the guilt of enjoying the sex so much that made me feel so uncomfortable and I still don’t understand why I felt that way because everyone was enjoying themselves including my husband but for some reason being on display just made me feel a little dirty.

RobK2006 52M
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3/27/2017 4:14 pm

I think your husband is getting really turned on watching you fuck other men. I guess part of the turn for him is the element of jealousy. I think that must be part of the thrill of being a cuckold.

Sharinrosey 27F  
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3/29/2017 2:41 am

Yes he certainly likes to watch me now because he's the one constantly wanting me to do it for him and as much as I love having sex for him I do sometimes feel a little like I'm performing a sex show for a paying customer

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