Sneaky yet Nice!  

Sharinrosey 28F  
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4/6/2017 11:41 pm
Sneaky yet Nice!

My husband and I have been a little distant lately with our differing opinion about what is acceptable fun as a couple and what I do alone but the word has spread about our situation and there is now never a moment when men aren't taking any opportunity they can to try and fuck me.

Earlier this week was a perfect example of how men seem to be more than willing to take any chance to have sex with me.

My husband had a few of his friends over for drinks and about half way through the night my husband had to leave for a short while to get something from another friend leaving two of his friends behind who were too drunk to go with them. The others had barely walked out the door when these two started making very suggestive remarks about what they wanted to do with me and as much as I tried to ignore them and play it all down I found it very hard to get away from the idea of actually doing what they wanted.

I knew the others would be at least thirty minutes or so and these two friends of his had been flirting with me all night making it quite obvious what they wanted which didn’t seem to bother my husband one bit.

I thought maybe my husband left me there with these two because he wanted me to play with them while he was gone and pretend he didn’t know about it knowing full well I probably would. I was a little confused as to what I should do but my basic instincts very quickly took over especially when these two started to get a little hands on with me.

In what seemed like only moments later I found myself in the kitchen being pushed up against the bench top with my stockings pulled down to my knees and being fucked from behind by one of these guys with the other getting ready for his turn.

They both fucked me in the kitchen had cum inside me and were both back to having their drinks long before my husband and the other guys returned.

It was over before it had all started really and I had certainly been used by them as nothing more than a quick drunken fuck which did make me feel a little disappointed but at the same time so very glad I did it.

I really enjoy spontaneous sex with men especially if I know they aren’t going to keep pestering me for more in weeks to come because they’re already attached. I enjoy the thought of having men at my disposal to play with when I’m in the mood but I must admit there has been a heavy price to pay for this pleasure but it is a pleasure both my husband and I are still enjoying to the full.

Ertpa 49M

4/7/2017 10:38 am

I really enjoy reading about your adventures and stroking my cock as I am reading. Look forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing

RobK2006 52M
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4/7/2017 10:53 am

You make my cock hard every time I read one of your stories. You are so hot!

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