Weekend Plans  

ShyTurtles 23F  
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5/17/2017 9:53 pm
Weekend Plans

I'm going to A*Cen this weekend and I can't wait. It's an anime convention. I love going to them because they have so much cool merchandise and sneak peeks at new shows. I'm going Saturday. If anyone else is you should hit me up, especially if you have a hotel room. If we hit it off hanging out, I might suck your cock or something. Been feeling in the mood to try it.

wantingu509 44M
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5/18/2017 1:43 am

wish I could go

ShyTurtles 23F  
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5/22/2017 10:23 am

Nobody hit me up for it so I just enjoyed the con the sfw way. I got some really pretty keychains. I love all of the stuff I got and I had a good time hanging out with my friends.

KinkyDom4fun165 34M  
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9/21/2017 1:38 pm

oooo i do love some anime and comi cons, i go to quite a few myself, we should discuss this!

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