What makes a Good Sub?  

SinLiving 42M/31F
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5/30/2017 10:13 pm
What makes a Good Sub?

I have a hard time enforcing the Submissive life on my girl but that's only because she is completely my equal. And she is a question everything type. As a Dom my submissive Smexy never asks questions, she only has to be told once and there is no discussion. She does what ever she is told. My girl on the other hand asks questions even about why I have smexy do things. So no I can't do the full submissive thing with my girl, she and I are too much alike. So if any of you get a chance to play with us just know that we both are very head strong and have a huge presents in the bedroom. She likes complete worship. So as long as you know that about her you will do fine. She owns my whore side although that makes us a switch and not a Dom and Sum relationship. But to tell you the truth we purly indulge in the Daddy DOM/ Little Girl relationship. But only because she is spoiled rotten and likes to call me daddy in her little girl voice.

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