A.F.F. 101 ( A class for those with no Class)  

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
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6/15/2017 5:21 pm
A.F.F. 101 ( A class for those with no Class)

Hi All,

Believe it or not I have decided to BLOG again. Yes.....again. For those of you who do not know me I have been an A.F.F. member now for 19 yrs (as of Aug 2017). And yes when I first joined the site I was an active blogger. Back then I enjoyed writing post of Erotica but this time I around I think I am going to throw in some Sarcastic Humor by pointing out specific "Troll Tards" and there lack of manners, respect and knowledge blended into some of my stories.

Ladies/Gents if you have been on the site and in the chat rooms you know exactly what Im speaking about. And I welcome your assistance if you so chose to share with me (and yes I will make sure know not to reveal my sources and if necessary I will disguise the characters by using fictcious names etc).

Make sure you click the follow my BLOG button if you want a good laugh from time to time.

Thanks ....

porterpiper1 53F
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6/15/2017 11:02 pm

welcome back, looking forward to reading your blogs

SingleItalianGy2 replies on 6/16/2017 12:32 pm:
Thank you for reading

kinkyfem73 47F

6/15/2017 8:02 pm

Ohhhhh I've seen alot of troll tards in my time here!!!
Welcome back to blogland. I'm looking forward to your posts

Cum visit my blog Kinkyland

SingleItalianGy2 replies on 6/15/2017 10:02 pm:
Im sure you have but I bet you don't have a "Troll Tard" repellent like this. I call them NPGMFer's =

SingleItalianGy2 48M  
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6/15/2017 5:28 pm

Yes its true.....I have a 15lb weenie. And here is your proof.

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