"Funny This Feeling"  

SinnerInside 34M
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3/10/2017 8:20 am
"Funny This Feeling"

Funny this feeling,
or I guess it should be
this lack of feeling,
that weighs so lightly on my heart
like a feather that tickles nothing,
yet I can still smile and laugh at it all
so yes,

I thought that I would suffocate,
drown in some kind of emotion
that would be to terrible to bear inside,
or out
with the tears streaming down my face,
so I am amazed
that for the first time I feel the fresh air
on my lips,
in my lungs,
clearing my head of the pain that gathered there,
free and clean,
for that I call it a funny feeling.

I feel you still,
that empty spot
where you once gripped my heart
now unrestrained,
loose from your hands,
and surprised
I find myself able to make it,
able to stand on my own
without you as a crutch for my emotions,
a hiding place from the world,
I dance again,
I dance!

Funny this feeling,
funny that though I wasn't alone
I was always lonely,
and now I live the flip side
being alone
but still never lonely
always loved even though not by you
and I'm content
in love with this life I can now live
free and clean,

... yeah, fun.

SinnerInside 34M
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3/10/2017 8:21 am

The spectrum of emotions that one goes through after a breakup... it's odd. From heartbreak and tears all the way to relief and freedom. I guess that it all depends on the relationship.

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