"Random Title Here"  

SinnerInside 33M
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3/5/2017 12:50 am
"Random Title Here"

Feathers and dust fill the room,
as the maid goes through and cleans with the feather duster.
It's a real one!
What are the fake ones made out of anyways?
How do you make a synthetic feather?
Oh, I know
you just use synthetic birds, right?
back to the maid.
never mind, she's gone.
Wow, that was quick.
She didn't do a very good job.
I'll just have to fire her and hire one of those French ones.
The ones with the black skirts,
the nice body,
and those legs... mind in the gutter, mind in the gutter.

^^^^(Random line break)^^^^

Did you ever have a dream where you could fly?
I did,
and unfortunately dreams don't translate very well to reality.
I had to wear the casts on my legs for months.
All because of my dreams.
That just goes to show you what dreams get you.
Nothing but pain and suffering.
When my mom found me on the ground she yelled and screamed at me.
After that she dragged me to the car,
All the doctor did was,
Tsk, tsk, tsk at me,
(A action that made his gut shake, rattle and roll. Although not all in that order.)
and then proceeded to lecture me and mom on proper activities for young boys.
The said activities involved lots of exercise and outside air.
I asked the doctor if he ever followed his own advise,
and I got smacked by my mother.
(How was I supposed to know the doc was sensitive about his weight?)

^^^^(A not so random line break.)^^^^

Pause, breath in, and release.
^^^^(A line break that has it's own story about a man, in the woods, in a house.)^^^^

Didn't I see you last week,
at the same time,
in the same place?
Or was that your twin's clone?
I hope that you and your immediate family have a Merry Halloween,
or a Happy Christmas and other things along those lines.
The holiday season always makes me so warm inside,
that and the two bottles of wine and cheese.

^^^^(Line break that's just for fun.)^^^^

^^^^(This one's just to tick you off.)^^^^

Last night I watched a movie
about a guy
who fights this other guy
beats him up after two and a half hours
gets the girl
and then flies off into the night.
It reminded me of another movie
where a guy
fought another guy
and won.
This time he got the guy at the end.

^^^^(Last line break before I lose it completely.)^^^^

Too late it's already gone...
What's gone?
I lost my marbles in never- never land
with the cat's eyes and big shooters.
I've got to do my laundry,
clean the dishes,
pick up the gerbil from daycare,
and drop the kids off at the vet.
I think that I best let you go
'cause if I don't my long distance bill will be through the roof.

SinnerInside 33M
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3/5/2017 12:53 am

Just another adventure into random... I call these "train of thought" poems (though poem may be generous.) I just let my wander (with or without "help") and hope that my hand can keep up to write it all down...

camperdude_69 57M
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3/5/2017 2:19 am


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