Paying for your hook-up's cab fares  

SofiaMc 33F  
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5/30/2019 10:46 am
Paying for your hook-up's cab fares

In reference 2 my previous Blog Entry titled "Cab fares?"


Would you pick up the tab for the woman's cab fares 2 and fro for a hook-up? Regardless of the circumstances; whether it's pre-arranged earlier, or a booty (last minute).

No change hands of dollar bills here. You booking a Grab/Uber ride directly from your acct.

And you're looking a guaranteed orgasm for you. A 50/50 chance of climaxing for her.

What say you?
Yeah, I don't mind. What's a little chivalry?
Fuck no. Hell to the fuck no. Why should I even?

FixxerDerek 37M
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6/9/2019 11:49 pm

Yes, Its just the right thing to do

Yours_4A_knight 54M  
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7/14/2019 12:20 am

For me, if I am inviting it seems reasonable that she should be my guest, if she is asking to come over, then I can see how transport should fall onto her . . .of course this is entirely theoretical

Not the Whole Truth but the truth that I can see.

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7/14/2019 4:06 pm



looking4fun12114 45M
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7/16/2019 4:56 pm

i think you should

orgzms4bofus 59M
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7/16/2019 11:13 pm

If you want to hookup , you do what ya gotta do to get er done ...right?

SexySexySophie 35F  
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7/21/2019 9:08 pm

I'm always willing to cover a friend one way at least. He must pay for it especially since if she is coming to you because it means that you are saving yourself the money of going to her.

Although as far a social norms go I would not expect it. Paying for the ride is the most fair and reasonable thing to do. By social norms, I expect a man to pay for dinner/drinks. I always offer to pay my part and have even offered to pay for his. But if he doesn't pay for my dinner then I'm not seeing him again. After that if connection persists, I don't care who pays for what as long as there is some sort of balance/reasoning. I've found myself paying for all kinds of expensive things if I am in a situation/relationship where it makes sense to do so.

Hotwife44Magnum 65M/64F  
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7/22/2019 4:44 pm

I believe the gentleman should always pay the cab fare, dinner, drinks etc. I don't see any reason to expect the woman to pay for anything. In a Hotwife situation I would still pay for my wife to go out on a date. A good woman should be taken care of!

Lostent61 43M  
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7/24/2019 3:40 pm

It just seems the right thing to do even if there isn't a hook up involved.

NorthfieldGuy76 48M  
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7/26/2019 8:08 am

Totally, this is something you should do. It's right up there with holding the door open, being a decent human being...

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