Blowing my Cub/Cucking Hubby/DP  

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5/12/2017 8:45 pm

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Blowing my Cub/Cucking Hubby/DP

It was late Spring and I'd been fucking my favorite Cub for over a year. Hubby told me the night before he was playing golf this Saturday and would be up and gone early, returning early evening. I knew when he crawled out of bed to leave that Saturday morning and as usual turned over and fell back asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later from a dream of getting fucked by my favorite Cub. Since I sleep nude my fingers traveled down to my wet pussy and started massaging my clit. It didn't take me long to bring myself to orgasm while fantasizing about my Cub in bed with me as we fucked.

When I rolled out of bed to get started on my house work for the day I was pleasantly surprised by a message from my Cub asking if he could come over to see me. Of course he could! I messaged him back telling hi let me get a shower and ready for him. How did an hour and a half sound?

I quickly showered, shave my lips smooth, and then tried to decide clothes of nude? I decided to dress up for him since I hadn;t done that in a while. The extremely shory black skirt and almost transparent white blouse was a favorite for several of my FWBs so it won for the day. Once ready I went to wait, which wasn't long when my Cub pulled into our driveway right on time.

I went out to meet him as he got out of the car. He loved my attire and we locked into a long deep kiss, with his hands finding my bare ass! I could already feel my juices flowing again. I led him inside wherewe were soon kissing, licking and had our hands all over each other. I love having my nipples sucked and my Cub was happy to oblige. His fingers found my dripping pussy and he eventually licked my pussy to my second orgasm of the young day. Next it was his turn and I sucked and licked till he shot his cum! I love how in the video his dick stays hard after shooting that load and how he cleans himself up with his shirt while I'm getting him a drink.

After a brief rest it was off to our bedroom where we fucked and fucked for a couple of hours. I love fucking guys in our bed, and Hubby loves it too. It's so hot for both of us to know I'm getting fucked in the bed we sleep in every night. After all this action we were ready for a nap and both fell asleep for a nap and a well deserved nap rest.

I'm not sure how long it was when I heard Hubby returning so I crawled out of bed, still nude of course, to go and greet him. My Cub had been to our house so many times he wasn't surprised that he was there fucking me. I led him back to the bedroom to say Hi and tell my Cub he was there. Oh but hubby was so hard and wanted to fuck me so bad. You can see him standing in the door caressing my ass begging to let him slide into me. I told him no, but to go and get me a glass of wine because I wanted my Cub to fuck my ass! I thought Hubby would come right then! LOL, this was fun.

I crawled back in the bed with my Cub and told him I wanted him in my ass and boy did he like that. I told him as soon as I got my wine I was his. Hubby came back and we chatted, with him asking about dinner? I hadn't realized it was so late and we hadn't eaten, I was enjoying my self too much. I suggested that he go pick us something up while the two of us fucked some more, I really wanted my Cub to shoot his load in my ass! The rest of that video speaks for itself as we continued after Hubby left with My Cub eventually shooting a huge load deep in my ass making me orgasm yet again! We were exhausted again and napped, being awakened when our dinner arrived. I could see Hubby's dick was hard as he was the only one clothed while we ate, with myself and Cub not bothering with clothes.

After dinner, we relaxed with a drink and relived our day for Hubby. He could see the cum oozing out of me and could hardly stand it. While discussing our day my Cub mentioned he's never done a DP so of course I wanted to be his first! It didn't take us long to get into position n the floor with Hubby in my pussy and Cub in my ass. Oh wow! It didn't take long before I started orgasming again making Hubby shoot a huge load in me! I could feel his cum leaking out of me as Cub pounded my ass. We let him out from under us but Cub wasn't through. He turned me over and once again shot a load into my ass getting me off again!

Hubby was done and tired so off he went to our well used bed. Cub and I stayed up, chatting and cuddling for a while longer. We soon realized it was almost midnight and we'd been fucking for almost 12 hours. Of course I couldn't let him go without one for the road so I sucked him hard, then enjoying one last load in me before he left for the day! Needless to say I had cum every where. I finally climbed into bed with my Cub's dried cum all over me as it still oozed out of my pussy and ass. What A Fuckfest!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

marsandvenus5558 65M/61F  
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12/31/2017 3:25 pm

That story is so hot, just like all of yours are.

kwmaturelover69 49M
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12/18/2017 2:15 pm

Once again...beautiful rock.....keep up...and please upload some more photos and videos...

sckinkcouple 62M/57F  
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6/3/2017 12:16 pm

Now that was a great day. Once I get a regular I want to try that. Your cub sounds very cool.

wrMercury 42M  
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5/13/2017 7:51 am

Sounds like a great day

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