When an old is in his last days  

Suppletitties 58M
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3/11/2017 6:17 am
When an old is in his last days

I fucked a friend last night, we've been sexing it up for at least 10 years,,,,,,,

In the ten years it was pretty good, but in the last three years things slowed down health issues, job losses etc.....and then finally nothing for a year or so.

Well finally last night we get together and my man was slow, listless and out of it, she chatty and then he left the room for a minute andc she said thanks for calling and asking,,,,he said I need to have man so he can have you.

So we fucked and I came real quick,,,,,,he ate her pussy out and then he left so as we lay she just talked about how he has just lost it....in that time I sucked her titties a little and then recharged,,,,,so climbed on top and just started to screw.

And she started to fuck and sweat andv scream and just get what she wanted and as that was going on her husband had slip in the room and stood naked watching with a two inch penis. She jestured to him, to come join, but he just walked away,,,,,,,like the old lion chased by the new lion. It was a moment of reflection for me. I thought about Ruby Tuesdays for our first meet, the first picture, the first time alone, their house catchingb fire and so many others and know this.

As we finished, she said just call me direct, I need a man.....

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