Talculhere4u 48M  
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9/11/2017 5:40 am

Friends, Views, Winks, Hotlist....it's all good.

If I look at a thousand profiles and pics from my phone does it matter?
For some, apparently, it does.
If I accept a friend request from an older woman or even a man does it matter?
For some, apparently, it does.
If I chat with bi couples or bi men or older women who like bi men or younger woman that like older men does it matter?
For some, apparently, it does.

If we do all or some of these things, it doesn't mean we've met them all, want to meet them all, or are interested in the same sexual dynamic.

I bring this up because I've had people that have, for whatever reason, said, "you look at a lot of profiles", "why do you have friends that are men, older men, and bi men?", "why do you friend so many older women?"

The simple answer is, I like nice people, regardless of what their age or sexual interests are. A majority of the chatting is about life and our own experiences. It's not all about taking about sex or when can we meet.

This just in........there are many easy going, great people on here that like to chat and get to know you, not just ask for a face pic to decide whether you're worthy of them.

I like people.......period and if you don't like the fact that some of us on here like to chat with many and look at many.........just chill and move on.

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