"Subs" "Slaves" and "Masters"  

Terrichange 50T  
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6/10/2017 8:10 am
"Subs" "Slaves" and "Masters"

I am all about having the occasional fantasy expressed while chatting or meeting in person. I have been "Slave Girl" "Baby Sitter" "School Girl" bla, bla, bla, you get the picture. However, these were fantasies acted out for my enjoyment as well as my partner. "School Girl" and "Baby Sitter" were in person and "Slave Girl" was via text. What concerns me, is the seemingly endless amount of men who I can turn on while chatting by simply asking if they want me to call them "Master." It's like there is a subtle darkness just under the surface within these men and in reality they would love to "own" a girl like me or a woman; having absolute control over our bodies at all times. And yes, I am fucking too aware of the BDSM culture. Hell, I was even a Domme myself (for a short period of time) and had two females and one male that i could pretty much do with as I chose. I found it fucked me up mentally. Having someone voluntarily give me so much power over their lives was not healthy for me and I didn't think it was healthy for them; so I quit. Back to the men I am encountering on here. Is it a lack of self-esteem or deep seated insecurity that steers so many men towards wanting to be called "Master," "Sir," or "Daddy"? When I was a Domme briefly, I just wanted to see what it was like. However, what I sense from these guys is that they really do want to own a slave. Some are right up front with it. These are the men that state "I want to breed you and collar you." And this isn't fantasy talk with these guys. I recently had a guy dump me because I wouldn't be his slave. What I would have been was a loyal girlfriend, but that wasn't what he wanted. Anyway, thank you for reading this.

Be safe and have fun

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